10 Barney Memes That Show How Scary He Is


It’s Barney memes! But wait, were you expecting some cutesy memes? If you are, you’re out of luck. It seems a lot of people get scared out of their pants by this big purple dinosaur. Mayhaps he’s even the stuff of nightmares.

Seriously speaking though, Barney the Dinosaur was a big hit amongst kids in the Nineties. Reruns were even show on a regular basis during weekends.

If you are one of the adults who found Barney weird, you might relate with at least one Barney meme below.

Come at Me Bro

come barney memeGot Them Moves
dora barney memeJurassic Barney
feared barney memeBarney’s Got It
french barney memeCan’t Escape
imagination barney memeHey, That’s My Color Scheme!
marie barney memeI Like Hugging Too
mayweather barney memeBarney in 2019
remember barney memeNightmare Fuel
show barney memeBarney Ain’t so Nice
sunshine barney memeBarney Fashion
wanna barney meme

We’ll add more Barney memes for your enjoyment soon!

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