10 Important Things You Should Do to Simplify Your Life

Our life can be awe-inspiring. We have tablets, smartphones, TV and desktop computers all around us. This leads to mental dispersion and creates a kind of chaos to our minds. Of course, we are connected 24/7, but there are disadvantages.

Most often we always spend time checking out the screen rather than real people and invest a lot of focus in creating virtual friends rather than nurturing a tiny group of buddies in our day-to-day life.

Also, technology keeps us fanatical in doing millions of things at once, thereby making our productivity sink, preventing our minds from getting rest and creating anxiety and stress.


How to Simplify Your Life

We often attach happiness to acquiring brand new gadgets or some trophy to a point where until they are at our disposal, we feel restless. When we get it, our feeling dissipates immediately, just like how sand sifts from our hands.

This basic consumption cycle never brings peace and true happiness. We get anxiety, stress, frustration, and anger.

So, what must we do to simplify our lives? It is simple; we need to shed our requirements to get more and accept the current moment as it leads to true happy and healthy life.


1. Reducing Time Commitments

Our daily lives are filled right from beginning to end with various time commitments like home, work, community, kid’s activities, hobbies, religious endeavors, and more.

So, whenever, it is possible, you need to release yourself from those time commitments which are not in line with the greatest value you have.


2. Simplifying Finance

Firstly, place various things on automatic pilot as much as you can. So, it means to put your paycheck to direct deposit and set the bills to get automatically deducted from your bank account, at the time of the due date.

Furthermore, you can create a savings account and get it auto deducted each week when there is a deposit. Right now if you can’t save that much, it is fine. Just start saving a few dollars each week.

Additionally, you can cut down the number of bank accounts you have and most importantly shred the credit cards. These plastic cards waste your savings and lead to the bad habit of spending.

Currently, it is common for many people to miss their payments and let their interest rate skyrocket. Ultimately, you get stuck in debt, and even your credit scores get hit.


3. Taking Control Of Your Goals

There is no harm in reducing the number of goals that you plan to achieve in your life.

Just make sure that they are not less than one or two. Through the reduction of targets which you are trying to reach, you can improve your focus and ultimately it will improve your success rate.

All you have to do is create a list of the things that you want to achieve in your life, and among them select the two most significant ones.


4. Reduce The Number Of Emails

Sometimes your email situation can get out of hand when there is no proper maintenance. You need to start first by consolidating your email accounts. Try to find out why you are using each of your email accounts.

You will realize that some of them are either useless and can be blended with other accounts. Also, make sure to unsubscribe to email lists that you are not going to use or gaining any value from.


5. Kick Your Negative Thoughts

Keep in mind that most of the negative emotions you go through are just useless.

Bitterness, resentment, jealousy and hate can never improve your quality of life. You must take responsibility for your mind, forgive the things that hurt you in the past and get negative thoughts replaced with positive ones.


6. Cutting Down The Screen Time

Screens are one of the major forces that lead to mental dispersion and distraction in present life. Try to reduce TV time or avoid watching it as a whole. If you want to cut back on TV time, watch online where there are no or few commercials.

Frankly, you can save your time, cut-back the exposure of commercials to get better control of your time.

Also, if you are unable to watch your favorite shows, just record them and watch them later. In addition, you need to reduce the amount of time you are spending on your smartphone. Just check out your smartphone and remove the unused apps.


7. Have A Control Over Your Diet

Try to avoid refined grains, trans fat, high-fructose corn syrup and a lot of sodium. By reducing the consumption of such ingredients, your energy level, as well as health, will improve in the long-term.

Additionally, you need to lessen the consumption of over-the-counter medications and allow the body to heal by itself in a natural manner rather than creating dependency on such substances.


8. Try To Make Your Actions Simple

We do various things at a single time.

Both women and men are constantly pressurized in many ways, especially from society. People are expected to work on various things at a once and in a perfect manner with a smiling face. This affects them, especially in the way they act.

However, it is not necessary that we follow along with this particular agenda. Frankly, keeping up with the Jones’ will only end up in leaving you further behind in achieving your goals and dreams.


9. Cut Down Social Distractions

Nowadays, everyone is on social media.

You might be checking your Facebook profile once a week, tweeting every three days, or using various social media platforms on a daily basis. Now whatever, your preferences or frequency, no doubt, it is hard to escape the attraction digital socializing has.

Even though these are the best resources to stay in touch with your family, friends, companies and your favorite people, this can sometimes become a huge distraction. These will keep you from enjoying life without you even being aware of it.

Being social online is not bad, but you need to make sure that you are careful about what kind of conversations you are going to take part in. Don’t simply follow people or engage in conversations for the sake of gossiping or talking bad about someone or something.

It will only bring bad vibes into your life.


10. Avoid Multi-Tasking

Many people don’t know that multitasking is a myth. But sometimes it is possible, and we never get the results that are wanted. Multi-tasking will make us more scattered, less productive and lowers the quality of our work.

It can cause an enormous amount of anxiety and stress. Now we mustn’t handle 2-4 things at the same time. Our efficiency is excellent when we concentrate on one activity at a time, and we provide 100% of ourselves to that activity.

So, don’t fool yourself as no matter how productive you think you are by multi-tasking, you are just not. You end up hurting yourself and complicating your life.


Final Verdict

Now when it comes to simplifying your life, it comes down to creating small changes to make a big difference. The ideas given above are easy to follow and can make your life better. So, go ahead and follow them.

Are you currently trying to simplify your life? Leave a comment below.

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