10 Memes That Show Why Joe Biden Fell Up The Stairs Of Air Force One


Just a few months after his inauguration, President Joe Biden has made some dazzling achievements including passing his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package and as of writing, almost reaching his campaign goal of administering 100 million vaccines to Americans.

And his first ever meme as a president? It wasn’t pandemic-related or even about his famous dog Major Biden. Nope, it was about the president falling up the steps of Air Force One. And yes, we’re young and healthy but we stumble on steps (and air), too!

Twitter had some funny takes on the president’s misstep (pun intended!). Check out these funny memes that show how the president came to lose his balance.

Joe Biden And Jason Derulo

BREAKING: Joe Biden and Jason Derulo simultaneously fall down Air Force One pic.twitter.com/SAqnASj59w

— christopher (@Cjdeck1) March 19, 2021

No One Is Safe From The NFL’s Rushing Leader

No one is safe from the NFL’s rushing leader #Bidenfall pic.twitter.com/0ppvftH47N

— Pro Football Network (@PFN365) March 19, 2021

Joe Biden Vs. Sasuke

Joe Biden vs Sasuke was the greatest anime battle. Don’t @ me.#Bidenfall pic.twitter.com/UyJwSzhAsA

— 𝙮𝙖𝙢𝙞 (@ColadaDerrick) March 19, 2021

Josh Allen Is On Top Of It

Josh Allen is on top of it!! pic.twitter.com/wwPXTwNXap

— Game Chat (@GameChat21) March 19, 2021

This Is What Really Happened

This is what really happened #Bidenfall pic.twitter.com/J9CCZdKXf9

— Douchy Russ Rollins (@DouchyRuss) March 19, 2021

It Was Allen Iverson

Sorry Lord and Mr. President, just comedy #Bidenfall pic.twitter.com/J5CFFSGDeb

— logicalgenuine (@logicalgenuine) March 19, 2021

It Was Kobe

It’s was Kobe 🤣 pic.twitter.com/UQZhijcW6m

— Mr. Parker (@ericparker0274) March 19, 2021

CNN Classified Footage

CNN Classified Footage :#Trump greasing stairs of #AirForceOne President #JoeBiden FALLS multiple times https://t.co/6Ny3PMZTrZ #Bidenfall #BidenFallsThreeTimes #BidenFalls #bidenfalling pic.twitter.com/fdWanWzPNK

— Shubham Bagade (@shub_5) March 20, 2021

It Was Mario

Here’s how I saw the Joe Biden Fall. #MXC #MarioXtremeChallenge pic.twitter.com/oqEv00PGx9

— Steve Inman (@SteveInmanUIC) March 19, 2021

Breakin’ Ankles

Breakin’ ankles… pic.twitter.com/TEOwlmUc2e

— Outrage Factory (@outrage_factory) March 20, 2021

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