10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Online Haters

Today we live in a world where it’s almost imperative to have a social media presence;

These platforms are where we shamelessly over share information about our lives. Many of us are authentically providing information to help serve others. While some are fearlessly posting degrading and harmful content.

You’ve probably come across a few of these people in your social circle who had abused the system.

Well I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone!

Many of us successful overachievers who are doing things to better the lives of others and ourselves have been through this all too often. The most painful part is when these haters are your friends and family.

(As a word of caution if someone is bullying you or abusing you online do not stand for it, make a fast exit and report it please. It’s our duty.)


10 Reasons to Love Your Online Haters & How to Do So

You might wish there is an easy way to thwart off online negativity, unfortunately the more successful you become the more times you’ll be exposed to them. It simply means that you’re probably doing something very right or very horrible.

Either way you need to take personal inventory when it comes to haters. Sometimes they can be right and other times they’re just plain ignorant.

Therefore be brave enough to look yourself in the mirror and shift your mindset from taking it personally to accepting the fact that just because you think you’re a rock-star not everyone will feel the same.

No matter what, there will be haters, it’s just the natural procession of the universe.

The empowering part is what you do with haters and how you tame your personal fears around not being liked or accepted by everyone.

Here are 10 reasons to love your online haters, and how to do so:


1. Haters Will Hate

You can not control other people’s words, actions, or thoughts.

Haters are most likely people who are miserable with their lives and simply jealous of the great things you’re doing. Or maybe they’re just bored with life. Whatever their reason is they are actually inspiring us to be better, do better.

So realize that and move on.


2. Don’t Feed The Beast

It’s very easy to get sucked into digital warfare as you defend your stance but it’s a waste of time. Haters are stuck in their own negativity and won’t accept the opinions of others. Engaging them more just feeds the negativity.

Be the bigger person, starve the beast.


3. There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

Haters can also act as an advertising tool for you.

If you ever notice whenever someone makes a horrible comment on social media there seems to be twice as many comments following either bigging you up, agreeing with you or even bashing the haters.

This actually increases your likeability!


4. You Learn to Grow A Pair

Before you know it when you read hundreds of negative comments you end up getting thick skin very quickly. Our online haters are actually helping us to grow, allowing us the opportunity to experience the good and bad that social media has to offer.

It’s almost like a brain workout courtesy of haters – thanks haters!

The best part is the workout was free – no gym membership needed.


5. Check Yourself Before Your Wreck Yourself

You may not like what people are saying but guess what it’s feedback baby.

We should pay attention because sometimes what they are saying may be right, even if it’s cringe-worthy to read. But don’t get yourself into a ball of self loathing mess.

Check your self talk and make sure you aren’t saying things to yourself that keeps you stuck in a negative state.

Shift, shift, shift until you get out of the rut. Staying in a negative state because of haters actually does a disservice to you and everyone around you.


6. Builds Your Character

This is by far the best because haters keep us on our toes.

We get to learn how to maneuver challenging situations.

The more times we challenge ourselves the more the brain will come up with creative solutions. We want to keep the brain going, active and healthy. The negative comments will also challenge us to bring our A game the next time we step into the digital arena.


7. Our Empathy Workout

We get to practice our empathy when we gracefully handle these situations.

I know it’s much easier to curse someone out but it’s way harder to be empathetic to someone who’s bashing on you.

The more we can have empathy towards each other on social media the more we are contributing to the well being of a safe environment for others.


8. Positive Vibes Only

You want to only be around those who are positive, even online.

So stand guard to the gateway of your mind (this includes social media).

All too often when we encounter negative people it’s because we are probably in the wrong circle of friends. You want to pick your online friends carefully, seek out those who are willing to be supportive and celebrate the achievements of others.


9. Get A Social Media Mentor

There are plenty of online personalities who simply ooze positivity and garner so much of the world’s attention.

During my personal down time I’ve secretly studied how Deepak Chopra, Marriane Williamson, Marie Forleo, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and Danielle La Porte have handled negative comments online.

What I found was that they all had one thing in common, it was that none of them engaged in any kind of digital warfare.


10. Look At Me Now

In the end when we are successful it feels better to know that haters tried to ride on our coat tails because it’s like some sort of validation we were right all along.

When you succeed it’s your personal glory, your way of showing off, saying;

“Hey hater remember when you hated on me? Well look at me now!”

Don’t let haters take you down, extinguish your flame or kill your mojo. If you stick with it and for the right reasons, success is just on the horizon.



We’ve all experienced the wrath of negative comments and I won’t lie it stings. We need to thank our haters because without them all these wonderful things would’ve never come out of YOU.

Keep in mind that haters provide us with a free workout in so many different departments of our lives and the best part is we don’t need to do any of the heavy lifting, they do it all for us.

But you also need to try to understand your haters.

I’m not saying agree with them but try to see things from their point of view.

None of us are perfect beings walking this planet but we can help collectively create an online space that is perfect in celebrating the struggles, achievements, joy and pains of every person known or unknown who shares a part of their life on social media.

Our social profiles are an extension of who we are so why not take care in being kind to one another for the right reasons instead of spewing digital hate. Let’s all go out there and spread some digital love!

How do you deal with online haters? Leave a comment below.

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