10 Success Lessons from 50 Cent

Want to hear some of 50 Cent’s success lessons?

50 Cent’s, or Curtis Jackson’s story is truly inspiring. Curtis was born and grew up in New York, and he didn’t have a lot of opportunities going for him when he was growing up.

From a very early age he began drug dealing to to cover his obsession for nice sneakers, and when he left the drug game to pursue a career as a full time rapper, he was shot nine times.

I don’t know about you, but to be shot nine times and still survive is a miracle.


50 Cent’s Success Lessons

After his strong recovery, 50 Cent went on to sell over 30 millions albums worldwide, and also make some very good investments in businesses, such as Vitamin Water which was sold to Coca Cola for $4.1 billion, his own record label and clothing company.

His latest venture being SMS Audio, his own headphone audio company.

Curtis’ estimated net worth has been confused recently, with most websites stating it as $140 million. His real net worth is roughly $20 million in 2017.

Here are 10 success lessons from 50 Cent:


1. The Only Voice that Matters is Yours

Other people will always be trying to force their opinions on you when you’re trying to something that might not be considered as normal.

They don’t quite have the same vision you have, and maybe they’re telling you not to go through with it or to re-focus your energy elsewhere.

Don’t doubt your voice and your opinion. You become what you believe and what you constantly tell yourself. If you have doubts in what you’re saying, then how can you expect everyone else to believe in you?


2. Reinvent Yourself

When you get started operating in the business world, most things you will be doing be be exactly the same as other businesses are.

But things never stay the same, and you must be willing to adapt to new conditions in order to keep up with the world moving as fast as it is.

A notorious example of this is the introduction of social media websites, which although have existed for over a decade, the marketing side of things didn’t quite come in until several years ago.

Before social media, most people would market their websites using methods like directories, article marketing and so on. Although these are still used as traffic methods, nothing can beat social media right now.


3. Don’t Compromise Your Character

In a world where everyone is different, so many opinions and lifestyle choices can be pushed upon you by others you know. Don’t let this happen; be yourself, you are this way for a reason. This statement also goes for your goals as well.

Don’t let your family and friends try and tell you that your goals are unrealistic and that you’ll never reach your dreams. Your character is very important and is who you are. It makes you unique to the world.


4. Believe in Yourself

One of 50 Cent’s rules, much like that of any other successful individual, is to always believe in yourself. That you need to believe in what you’re trying to achieve, in order to put in all your effort and action that’s required to do so.

Without this belief, you’ll struggle to put in all the effort needed because in the back of your mind you’re thinking that it might not be possible.

You won’t get anywhere with your endeavors if you don’t even believe you can do it to begin with. Believe in yourself, motivate yourself and you will achieve greatness.


5. Have Faith & Keep Working

Things won’t always go your way when you’re working hard to achieve success.

Sometimes no matter how hard you think your working, they’ll still be things not going quite your way. Do not let this tempt you to give up. Have faith in what you’re doing and keep working hard.

Persistence and confidence are two things you will definitely need in order to move closer towards your goals.


6. Devote Your Life to Your Dream

Every dream can come true, you just need to devote your life to it.

Work towards your dreams and even if you haven’t quite reached them yet, just be happy that you’re working towards them and making improvements in your daily life. As 50 Cent states, “Get rich or die trying”.


7. Don’t Let Death Cripple You, Let it Motivate You

When 50 cent was shot nine times and nearly died, he had a realization;

“This can happen again any second.”

So he decided to hurry up and do everything he wanted to before it was too late. This allowed him to live like he had never lived before. He had no fear of death anymore and became unstoppable.

You shouldn’t let the fact that we’re all going to die one day stop you from doing all the things you want to. Let it motivate you to go out and do everything you can before it’s too late.

Don’t sit around doing nothing for the rest of your life, get on with your goals, go out and travel, have new experiences, meet new people. Live your life.


8. See Things for What they Really Are

Good observational skills gives you a very good overview of everything that’s happening around you, how people are acting and feeling, events that are taking place and how things are changing.

I don’t need to say how this will help you, simply because it has so many benefits.

From a business perspective, this will help you understand why things are changing and how you can use these changes to your competitive advantage.


9. Push Past the Boredom

When you’re trying so hard to be good at the thing you love, it can be slightly boring at first when you’re repetitively doing things to improve your skills. You need to be willing to push past this point.

Practice makes perfect, and once you’ve moved past the boredom stages of struggling, you’ll be a lot happier and start having a lot more fun with it.


10. Every Negative is a Positive

The majority of bad things can be turned into something good. If you fail at something the first time, figure out what you have done wrong and how you can use this to your advantage when you try again.

Failure is not a total loss, failure is an important part of succeeding, as it allows you to improve yourself next time and give you a higher chance of doing things the right way. The weak will be defeated by failure but the strong will be motivated by it.



Here’s a quick recap of 50 Cent’s success lessons:

  • The only voice that matters is yours
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Don’t compromise your character
  • Believe in yourself
  • Have faith & keep working
  • Devote your life to your dream
  • Don’t let death cripple you, let it motivate you
  • See things for what they really are
  • Push past the boredom
  • Every negative is a positive
  • How many of 50 Cent’s success lessons do you agree with? Leave a comment below.

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