10 Ways to Benefit From Your Greatest Fears

Once the richest man in the world, Warren Buffet was known to be the most successful investor in the 20th century.

His biggest fear was public speaking and in college, he would select courses that didn’t require him to give presentations or speak to a room full of people. He even enrolled for a public speaking course before dropping it before even attending the first session!

He was 21 when he started his career in investment and soon realized that if he wanted to mark a niche of his own, he would have to overcome his greatest fears and only then move forward.


10 Ways You Can Benefit From Your Greatest Fears

If you want to become a better and bigger version of yourself, then you have to face your fears, not run away from them. When conflict arises, most people are conditioned to take ‘flight’ instead of ‘fight’.

That’s when success comes to pass; not when you are cozy in your comfort zone, successful growth starts when you get out of your comfort zone.

When you face your fears, it gives you this strength and confidence which you thought you never had in you; fear is nature’s way to tell you to raise the bar to higher standards of living.

When you become aware that your greatest fear is meant to develop you into a better and bigger person, you will be able to then start using your fear to your own advantage. Here we have listed a few ways that you can benefit from your greatest fears:


1. Unleash Your Full Potential

If you are reading this article then you must already be aware that you have a lot of potential which is simply being blocked by your greatest fears.

Fear, if misread, stops you from progressing. Thoughts and actions that are lead by fear always fall short of your full potential. Feeling fear, would be your first cue to know that on the other side, there lies a better you.


2. Move Faster Than Your Greatest Fear

Remember that fear is always counter-intuitive, that means, fear is urging you to move forward when you ideally feel to stop. Fear is the one feeling that actually can encourage you to go ahead.

When you pause mid-sentence, stop in your tracks and begin to think that if you take another step, you will fail, you tend to start feeling fear. That’s when you need to move faster than your fear.


3. Use Fear as an Incentive to Move Ahead

When you live a compromised life, in your business or in your personal life, you start to feel weak and less confident about yourself. When you feel small, you are actually delaying the time when life wants to satisfy you.

When you embrace your fear, although, not letting it win, that’s when you begin to feel more confident.

When you overcome fear, you can increase your confidence level every step of the way.


4. When in Fear, Analyze

The fear you feel, is never without reason. Analyze what you are afraid of and why. When you spend time analyzing your fear, it can give you the chance to answer some unanswered questions and turn that negative mind-block into a positive step ahead.


5. Use Fear as a Safety Belt

Remember that fear is always your ally.

When you feel fear about something, it is a cue to pay more attention to your situation. Fear can actually tell you that ‘it’s now or never’ and other times, it can even urge you to ‘sleep on it’. Fear is your cue to stop and think, negotiate and plan your next step.


6. Get Positive Energy from Your Fear

Remember that everything you ever need is on the other side of your fear.

When you treat fear as any other feeling, that is, when you treat fear as a pathway of a new opportunity – which is a positive experience, it can give you a lot of positive energy to move forward.


7. Fear, as a Stepping Stone of Wisdom

When you do things you previously thought you ca never do, it forces you to experience new things, you then become wiser and not limited to your growth.

Fear can be linked to your instinct. Most times its hard to listen to your gut feelings, but when you feel fear, it is time to take note of it and then take action.


8. You Can Be Yourself

It’s normal to feel fear of being yourself in front of others. Most people wear masks when they are working, and they are a completely different person when they are at home.

The truth of the matter is that people are drawn to more authentic people. It is very courageous to be your authentic self when most people around you are fake.


9. You Can Make it Your Feature

Just as some bugs in IT world can be presented as features, you can do it with your fear, too. Fears can be part of your charisma, and you should not be ashamed of them.

Of course, not every fear, but some phobias that you can’t overcome just with your willpower, or some harmless types like fear of ghosts in the closet, can totally coexist with strong and successful personality.


10. You Can Organize a Club

A club for people with fear of height, or being buried alive, or finding a spider in the bed.

Such experience is:

  • a) Simply fun
  • b) Trains you to be a leader or moderator;
  • c) Cooperates a group of people around you, with numerous interests and experience. You can do something big together, which doesn’t have to be connected with the fear, too.
  • d) You can help people and yourself to overcome that fear with some activities, and just remain great friends for life.

    Choose the way to turn your weakness into your strong feature, and you will benefit even from your greatest fears!

    What are your greatest fears? Leave a comment below.

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