100 Love Hurts Status Quotes in English

Love Hurts Status : After Anniversary Wishes for Friends & Entrepreneur Quotes, Today We are Sharing Some Amazing & Best Love Hurts Status with You. Love Hurts Status will let you realize the part of being Hurt. Somewhere in Life, All of US has experienced Heartbroken. Whenever Someone Hurts You, The Best Thing You can do is Move One. This Can Be Happen Anytime. So, Here We have a Collection of Some Best Love Hurts Quotes & Love Hurts Status Which will Really Help You at the Stage of Life When Your Heart is Broken by Someone or Being Hurt by Someone. We also have a Collection of Heart Touching Quotes & Funny Status.

Love Hurts Status Quotes


1) You’re Scared Of Being Hurt.

2) They’ll Miss Out On Their Blessings.

3) He Taught Me How To Love But Now To Stop.

4) See The One You Love Is Unhappy With You.

5) Never Let Your Loyalty Make A Fool Of You.

6) When Your Legs Get Tired, Run With Your Heart.

7) Yes I Did Fall In Love But You Didn’t Catch Me.

8) Missing Someone Is The Word Feeling In The World. ( Love Hurts Status )

9) Being Hurt Is One Of The Ways To Find You Strength.

10) I Act Like I Don’t Care, But Deep Inside, It Hurts.

11) I Don’t Think You Realize How Easily You Make Smile.

12) People Who Hide Their Feelings Usually Care The Most.

13) I’M Always The One Who Loves More. That’s My Problem.

14) Sometimes The Things We Can’t Change End Up Changing Us.

15) Sometimes The Wrong Choices Bring Us To The Right Places.

16) Loving Him Wasn’t Mistake But Thinking That Loved Me Was.

17) Forgiving Is Not Forgetting. It’S Letting Go Of The Hurt. ( Love Hurts Status )

18) I Laugh When I Hurt Myself Even Though I’M Really In Pain.

19) I Miss You, But I Can’t Call Because It Would Only Hurt Me.

20) The Truth May Hurt For A Little While But A Lie Hurts Forever.

21) It May Hurt To Let Go, But Sometimes It Hurts More To Hold On.

22) When You Hurt The One You Love, You Are Bound To Hurt Yourself.

23) The Truth May Hurt For A Little While, But A Lie Hurts Forever.

24) Elsewhere. Don’t Give Them The Satisfaction Of Seeing You Suffer.

25) It’s So Strange That Autumn Is So Beautiful; Yet Everything Is Dying.

26) Trust Gets You Killed, Love Gets You Hurt, Being Real Gets You Hated. ( Love Hurts Status )

27) Hurting Back The People Who Hurt You, Makes You Become Just Like Them.

28) You’ll Never Understand Someone’s Pain Until You’re The One Feeling It.

29) Sick Of Crying, Tired Of Trying, Yeah I’M Smiling But Inside I’M Dying !

30) Everything Will Be Okay In The End – If Its Not Okay Then Its Not The End.

31) You Know It’s Love When Your Feelings Don’t Leave Even If The Person Does.

32) Don’t Try To Hurt Someone On Purpose Just Because They Hurt You By Accident.

33) The Hardest Part About Walking Away From You Is That You Won’t Run After Me.

34) Knowing That You’ll Never Be Good Enough For Anyone Is The Worst Feeling Ever.

35) I Will Give You Anything You Ask For. Please Just Don’t Hurt Me This Way Anymore.

36) Don’t Hold To Anger, Hurt Or Pain. They Steal Your Energy And Keep You From Love.

37) If You Admire The Rainbow After The Rain Then, Why Not Love Again After The Pain ??

38) I Trusted You, But Now Words Mean Nothing To Me Because You Actions Spoke The Truth. ( Love Hurts Quotes )

39) Part Of Me Just Wants To Find The Right Words To Hurt You. The Same Way You Hurt Me.

40) Sometimes Painful Things Can Teach Us Lessons That We Didn’t Think We Needed To Know.

41) He Who Permits A Himself To Tell A Lie Person, Finds It Easier To Of It A Second Time.

42) Nothing Hurt More Than Realizing He Meant Everything To You And You Meant Nothing To Him.

43) It’s Funny How People Claim They Want You In Their Life Yet They Let Go Of You So Easily.

44) No Matter How We Try To Be Mature…We Will Always Be A Kid When We All Get Hurt And Cry.

45) Truth Is Everybody Is Going To Hurt You: You Just Gotta Find The One Worth Suffering For.

46) Only Hold Onto People That Show You The Same Loyalty, Love And Respect That You Show Them. ( Love Hurts Status )

47) Love Didn’t Hurt You. Someone Who Doesn’t Know How To Love Hurt You, And Confused The Two.

48) I Don’t Hate You. I’M Just Disappointed You Turned Into Everything You Said You’d Never Be.

49) Forgiving Someone Is Easy, But Being Able To Trust Them Again Is A Totally Different Story.

50) The Biggest Mistake Girls Make Is Thinking The Guy Who Hurt Them Once Won’t Hurt Them Again.

51) Sometimes A Good Cry Is Just What You Need To Release All The Hurt You Have Built Up Inside.

52) You’ll Never Know Pain Until You Look Into The Eyes Of Someone You Love, And They Look Away.

53) It Hurts So Much To Love You The Way I Do, Then Look At You And Realize That You Don’t Care.

54) If You Will Love Someone More Than They Deserve, Expect You’ll Be Hurt More Than You Deserve.

55) The Tongue Has No Bones. But It Strong Enough To Break A Heart. So Be Careful With Your Words.

56) Don’t Hurt Anyone ! It Only Takes Seconds To Hurt People You Love And It Can Take Years To Heal. ( Love Hurts Status )

57) Being Hurt Is Something You Can’t Stop From Happening, But Being Miserable Is Always Your Choice.

58) Love Hurts Sometimes But It’s Hurts More If You Hide The Love You Have For Someone, Just Because

59) One Day I Hope You Look Back At What We Had, And Regret Every Single Thing You Did To Let It End.

60) Relationships End Because Once The Person Has You, They Stop Doing The Things It Took To Get You.

61) It Hurts Being Put Down, Used And Unappreciated By People You Love ! I Won’t Seek Revenge, I Know

62) You Are Missed Each And Every Day, For You Were Someone Special Who Meant More Than Words Can Say.

63) Sometimes It Is Better To Hide Our Feelings And Watch The Person You Loved Most Love Someone Else.

64) When It Comes To The Truth And Lies, I Did Much Rather Hear A Painful Truth Than A Comforting Lie.

65) If Someone You Love Hurts You, One Of The Best Things You Can Do Is To Move On And Find Happiness

66) Sometimes, You End Up Losing Yourself Trying To Hold Onto Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Losing You.

67) It May Be Painful To See The One You Love Is Happy With Someone Else But It Will Be More Painful To. ( Love Hurts Quotes )

68) When You Are In Love And You Get Hurt It’s Like A Cut…You Will Heal, But There Will Always Be A Scar.

69) Holding Back Your Tears And Taking A Smile Telling People That You Are Find Is Most Painful Thing In Life.

70) Many Ignore What They Don’t Want To Deal With. Ignoring Doesn’t Change Things. It Doesn’t Make Them Go Away.

71) People Will Kill You Over Time, And How They’ll Kill You Is With Tiny Harmless Phrase, Like ” Be Realistic.”

72) Love Is A Beautiful Thing. It Comes With Hurt, It Comes With Pain, But There’s Always Sunshine After The Rain.

73) Never Laugh At Or Judge Someone Because You Never Know, Someday You Might Find Yourself In The Same Situation.

74) You Deserve To Be With Somebody Who Makes You Happy. Somebody Who Doesn’t Complicate Your Life. Somebody Who Won’t Hurt You.

75) When It Hurts To Look Back, I’M And You’re Too Scared To Look Ahead, Just Look Beside You And Your Best Friend Will Be There. ( Love Hurts Status )

76) Being With The Wrong Person Makes You See All The Years That Have Passed. The Right One Lets You See All The Years Left To Come.

77) Sometimes You Keep Someone You Keep Someone Who Hurts You. It’s Because The Happiness They Bring Is More Than The Pain They Cause.

78) The True Mark Of Maturity Is When Somebody Hurts You And You Try To Understand Their Situation Instead Of Trying To Hurt Them Back.

79) So Let’s Ignore Each Other, Try To Pretend The Other Person Doesn’t Exist, But Keep Down, We Both Know It Wasn’t Supposed To End Like This.

80) I Wish I Had The Guts To Walk Away And Forget About What We Had, But I Can’t Because I Know You Won’t Come After Me And That’s Hurt The Most.

81) Don’t Love The Person Who Enjoys With You ! Love The Peron Who Really Suffers Without You, Because The Pain Of Real Love Can Never Be Defined.

82) Just Because Her Eyes Don’t Tear Doesn’t Mean Her Heart Doesn’t Cry. And Just Because She Comes Off Strong, Doesn’t Mean There’s Nothing Wrong. ( Love Hurts Status )

83) The Wrong Person Won’t Think You’re Worth Their Love, Loyalty Or Respect. So, They’ll Offer You Something Less. Don’t Accept It. Know You Worth And Move On.

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So, Here was the Our Collection of Love Hurts Status. Love Hurts Quotes help Lovers when they Feel Sad, Alone, Missing, Painful. Sometimes Love Doesn’t Gives You Best Moments or Happiness. Everyone have exception When They Love Someone. You Feels Alone & Broken When Someone Broke Your Hearts. You should also Check Our Latest Collection of Motivational Status & Gamer Quotes, Here was the Our Collection of Love Hurts Status & Love Hurts Status. You will surely Share it on Social Media While Reading it. You can also Share these Love Hurts Status on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook or Pinterest.

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