101 Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages

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Do you know that one of the most important days for a woman or man is the wedding day? He/She is always looking forward to this day so they can celebrate it with great joy. For this reason, you can wish the couples a happy anniversary.

You don’t need something extraordinary to wish them. All you need to do is take a look at these happy wedding anniversary wishes for friend, spouse, husband, wife, sister, brother, parents, etc and send the ones you like to impress them.

wedding anniversary wishes for husband

Table of Contents

  • Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband
  • Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife
  • Happy Anniversary Messages for Friends
  • Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother
  • Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Sister
  • Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents
  • Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

    Today is the day you got married. From attending the wedding to watching you grow together supporting each other to now seeing you celebrate another year, I am really grateful.

    Your friends are the best people that you can scale this life together with. But finding a good partner is the best thing that could happen to a young person. Have merry this day.

    A marriage anniversary is a day that everybody will take time to wish you the best of your love and am not an exception. Although am not the first one to wish you today, I am the first person to tell you how amazing your love is.

    This is a big day for you two and a big day for us to celebrate your love. Wishing you a peaceful and a life full of love.

    Here is another year of sharing the love. It is a great opportunity for the two of you to renew your vows and keep on moving strong. Have a nice anniversary!

    wedding anniversary wishes for husband

    I am taking this opportunity to wish a happy anniversary to the most beautiful couple in time. Have the happiest anniversary.

    I know we have made a thousand mistakes, but the love we share has always made us feel the best. Happy anniversary my dear husband.

    Our marriage is not a plane to fly in or a car to cruise on but a journey to walk hand in hand forever. Happy anniversary day to my dearest hubby.

    Every time I wake up and see the sunshine, I remember when your sun started shining on me. That is the day I will never forget. Happy anniversary!

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    Science says that people grow old, people are different from what they were at thirteen than what they are at the forties but you have proven otherwise. Your love, caring, romance and happiness have never changed. Happy anniversary!

    Everybody has regrets. Some have to regret the failures they had to face before they made it. One thing that I regret is the sadness and incompleteness I had before I married you. You always make me happy. Happy anniversary.

    Every day I wake up beside you, I love you more. I love you for what you are and the next minute I love you for what you make me feel when am with you. Happy anniversary.

    I understand this marriage journey is a bumpy ride, but I am always thankful because that is what makes us stronger. Happy anniversary.

    The definition of a happy marriage doesn’t talk about all the things that a happy couple does together. It includes a happy and charming husband like you. Happy anniversary.

    We may be celebrating this day almost every year of our life, but bear in mind that we will celebrate the love we share forever. Happy anniversary.

    There are a thousand and one unresolved questions about what makes a woman happy but today I have may answer-you. Happy anniversary.

    Who cares whether we always agree or disagree? What matters is that our love agrees. I love you so much. Happy anniversary.

    Happy anniversary to the man that makes me complete, the father of my children, the one that makes me whole after so many hollow moments. I love you.

    happy anniversary wishes for husband

    Every human being is destined to fail one time or the other, I am one of the beings and I understand I have millions of imperfections. Am always grateful because you always make me feel perfect. Happy anniversary.

    Even when I sit down and start figuring about my flaws, remembering you make me feel flawless. Happy anniversary.

    My heart was completely stolen the day we sat down and signed that marriage certificate. One thing that I never knew is that your love will never fade. I love you so much. Happy anniversary.

    Just hold on too tight and kiss me this night. I want to go back to the moments we both realized we were made for each other. Happy anniversary.

    Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

    A successful marriage is a two-way drive. There’s a lot expected from the wife and a lot from the husband. Now that you have lived to fulfill your promises, we pray that you go on stronger to remind each other those vows when you are the 80s. Happy Anniversary.

    Today am sure it doesn’t matter where you have come from or where you are going. It all depends on who’s behind you. Have a nice anniversary.

    Without your warmth and love, this house would never be complete. My children would never be this happy without someone like you in this house. Happy anniversary.

    wedding anniversary wishes for wife

    This day, I will raise a beautiful rose to a beautiful woman for completing my life. Happy anniversary day.

    I have spent almost half of my age looking for the meaning of a happy marriage but found nothing. When you put this ring on my finger when you kissed me and said you will forever stay with me, the meaning of life becomes evident. Happy anniversary.

    Today, all the words in the world cannot construct a sentence to describe what I feel deep down in my heart. I feel loved, I feel completeness, and I feel all the good things on earth. Happy anniversary day to my lovely wife.

    A wife will come to make things run the right way but a good wife will come to make things beautiful. I love it when I hear my children call you mom. I love it when I wake up in the morning to see your innocent eyes closed. Happy anniversary day.

    Every time I wake up beside you, I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful woman as my wife. I smile knowing that you are the woman that made my life complete. A woman that makes me forget all my worries, the one that makes my children smile. Happy anniversary day.

    I will now say it’s an honor to celebrate all these years with you. There are many disagreements, there are many agreements and happy days but with you, all of them look the same. I love you.

    Thanks to the most beautiful woman on earth for making my life complete. Thanks for making me whole, thanks for putting all my flaws and faults away and concentrating on the good deeds I do. Happy anniversary.

    I want to love you more when we are the seventies, I want to love you more when we can’t walk, I want to love you more when our granddaughters and sons are our age. I love you so much. Happy anniversary day.

    Cheers to another year of fights and cooperation. Cheers for another year that we have made it together. Happy anniversary.

    Every day I see you close to me you make me feel like our anniversary is there. You make me feel as if we have been together for just a year. Happy anniversary!

    Our anniversary has a lot of things to remind me; It makes me feel the love of someone who is always there to love me, support me, care for me, understand me and stand by me every single day of the year. Happy anniversary.

    Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife

    The best thing that ever happened to me is you. The worst thing that would ever happen to me is waking up in a disagreement with you. Happy anniversary my dear wife.

    I could have never dreamt of anything else on earth besides you. Every time I sit down and start figuring out what we can accomplish together and what we have already accomplished, I fall in love with you more. Happy wedding anniversary my wife.

    Now that we are together another year, I promise to love you more for the coming years, I promise to always be there for you, to take care of you, to support you and to love you more. Happy anniversary my wife.

    Happy Anniversary Messages for Friends

    This couple was made for each other; you were made to be with each other because this is what we see. Wishing you countless blessings.

    Your relationship is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. You always listen to yourselves and make things work the right way. That is something not all people can do. Have a happy anniversary!

    On this beautiful occasion, I take an opportunity to wish you a lot of blessings and strength. May you get the best from each other for the rest of your lives? Happy anniversary day.

    wedding anniversary wishes for friend

    I sometimes sit down and come to realize that you two are like destined hearts. You do what many people cannot do. You love each other more every day. Have a nice anniversary day.

    You are the ones and the only friends that have set a good example to me and on this day, I cannot forget to wish you the best of your marriage.

    Best anniversary wishes to this couple that has been a good example for the young couple. I pray that your love continues to grow stronger.

    May both of you enjoy a life full of memories. May you live to remind each other of all the good things you have achieved together? Congratulations.

    I am taking this moment to craft a message to wish this couple a good anniversary. Congratulations on being together!

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    Congratulations on moving this long together. It is not a single day’s affair and now you need to move on stronger.

    Now that you are celebrating your love day, I have to admit that you two are a blessing to each other. I have never seen a couple so perfectly matching and in love with this one. Am wishing you a happy anniversary.

    Life is a journey that you cannot walk alone. You need someone to take you through, the fact that you together mean you can walk through all those bumpy roads and achieve your dreams together. Wishing you a happy anniversary.

    I hope I can find the love of my life someday as you have found in each other. You being together is truly an inspiration to me and several other people out there. Have a nice anniversary.

    This life will forever put a twinkle in your eye and bright smile in your face that will never fade. Congratulations.

    A successful marriage requires understanding and cooperation. Yours is a true inspiration. Congratulations on your wonderful day.

    Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

    Every time I spend time with you two and see how much you love each other, you make me feel as if the whole world is against me. I usually take your marriage as a good example and an inspiration for getting such a home. Happy anniversary.

    Friends are friends and they will never forget when something good happens to each other. I remember when we were dancing at your wedding. What makes me happier is seeing that you are still together. Happy marriage day.

    The years you two have lived together are not enough. What makes a couple stronger is how good they are at solving their differences. Wishing you a happy anniversary.

    It’s now evident that you will never get tired of each other. It’s now an indication that life is on your side because you are not just a couple but great friends. Happy anniversary.

    Your relationship is the most wonderful and amazing thing that I have witnessed. I am proud to have such a lovely couple as my friends. Happy anniversary.

    Yours is a marriage that we all dream of. This day as you renew your vows, remember we are with you. May your marriage continue to prosper. Happy anniversary to my lovely friends.

    When I walk in my office and see you happy, I automatically know that everything is okay back at home. Now that you are on your marriage anniversary, take that chance to make your marriage bonds stronger.

    Life gives us a fairy tale and yours is a dream that we all have. Although we all know that there’s something behind every happy couple, I always take yours as an inspiration because you know how to handle your issues and stick together. Happy anniversary.

    God has blessed you with a lovely wife and a happy family. For you, nothing else matters. Its true joy to see you have a peaceful marriage. Wishing you the best anniversary.

    Let your life be full of support, true love and care. Let the two of you stay close and always sit down to solve your differences. Happy anniversary day.

    I understand this is a very big day for you two. On this special day, I am wishing you all the best. Happy anniversary day.

    My dearest friends, you have come from far, you have had a lot of ups and downs but what makes me happy is how tight you hold on to each other. Happy anniversary!

    When you both were down, you thought it would get worse. Now that you are up, you have to give thanks. You have never left each other even when things were on their worst end. You have always been there to support each other emotionally and physically. Keep the same spirit. Happy anniversary!

    Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

    Congratulations on spending all these years together. I understand all the challenges to overcome and the difficult bumps you have jumped together. Keep up the same spirit. Best wishes on your anniversary bro.

    Whenever I face a challenge in my marriage, I feel comfortable to refer to your advice and guidance and overcome the challenge with confidence. Thanks so much, bro and have the best anniversary celebrations.

    I am taking the opportunity to send my heartfelt wishes to you and my sister in law. My utmost wish is that God will shower more blessings in your life. Congratulations and best wishes.

    Finding someone that loves you is one thing, the main challenge is to find someone that will face all the obstacles in marriage with confidence, someone that will not give up when you need them the most. You people are a real role model. Accept my anniversary wishes!

    Hi bro, as you celebrate this day, I want to take the opportunity and congratulate you for being a strong man. You have really set a good example that everyone wishes to follow.

    Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

    Hi bro, now that you are celebrating another year of love and affection, just remember that what keeps a family is respect, forgiveness, and Love. Make those the pillars of your relationship. Cheers.

    Here is another day that we will sit down and celebrate one of our own. Not for winning any medals but for showing he can really keep a family. Happy anniversary bro and sis in law.

    I am taking this opportunity to send my heartfelt wishes to the best couple on earth, I have learned a lot through your relationship. Accept my anniversary wishes!.

    We have spent years together but now that you have found someone to celebrate the rest of your life with, we are grateful. My wish today is that your relationship is full of prosperity and happiness.

    Completing five years together is a show of love, endurance, and forgiveness. Wishing you bro and sis in law more anniversaries full of love and happiness.

    On this special day of the year, you should always be happy because you have a long way to go. May your love grow and be brighter than the morning rays of the sun. Congratulations and best wishes on your anniversary.

    As we were growing up, mom and dad shared a lot with us. They taught us about marriages and how to take care of a family and sustain the marriage. Seeing you two celebrate 10 years together confirms that you got exactly what we were being told. Happiest of all anniversaries.

    As you celebrate this beautiful day, remember you have a partner that should be part of your decisions and plans for the rest of your lives. Am wishing you a happy and prosperous relationship. Happy wedding anniversary.

    Congratulations on this other year that you are celebrating together. May your marriage life be an example that every other couple can emulate in the neighborhoods. Happy anniversary.

    Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Sister

    I have watched you closely for some time and have realized you are both destined to share your togetherness. The journey you have started with your man is a journey of love and affection. Happy wedding anniversary sister.

    I am taking the opportunity to wish my elder and loving sister a very happy anniversary, the 10 years of loving and caring you have spent together are to be emulated. Best wishes from your Bro as you celebrate your wedding anniversary.

    Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

    Best wishes to you and your significant other. May the love and the divine powers that have been guiding you for the last 10 years continue guiding you?

    Best wishes to a loving sister and a caring brother in law. Here is another year of love and trust. Cheers, and wishing you countless blessings on your journey.

    Hi sister, congratulations on your marriage anniversary. May this golden union that you have been showcasing continue guiding you? Am wishing you the best in your life.

    Best wishes to both of you on your wedding anniversary. You two have always been a point of reference to the young and newlyweds. May you find the peace and love you wish for in your life?

    Hi sister, as you celebrate this day, I am hoping you are taking it as a chance to renew your love. May this day satisfy your hearts with happy memories.

    Your marriage has been a blessing to many people out there. I am thanking God that my sister is blessed with a marriage full of joy, happiness, and friendship.

    Together with your significant other, you are perfect. On this beautiful day, I want to wish you a day full of memories, happiness, and joy. Happy 10th wedding-anniversary sister and bro in law.

    Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Sister

    Most congratulations from a loving and caring brother, I am always happy when seeing your marriage shine. With all the joy and happiness I see in you, I am sure you are meant for each other.

    Happiest wedding anniversary to the two most loving couples on earth, as you celebrate your day, am wishing you a nice, peaceful and a day full of memorable wishes.

    Dear sister, as you continue your love journey, just know what your man wants the most from you is your love, care, and respect. Together, you can face any obstacle and difficulties on your way. God Bless this couple.

    Another year is here for you to celebrate love and those beautiful memories in your life. I want to let you know that you are a sister that always inspires me to love, care, respect and emulate togetherness.

    Dear sister and bro in law, you are the best in the entire world. The two of you and your marriage means a lot to me and the entire family. Seeing you celebrate another year of love and togetherness makes me happy. Congratulations and best wishes.

    May this day bring more love in your life and also act as a starting point for more loving days. Best wishes!

    Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

    I know you fight, I know you have had many challenges and difficult times but what makes me happy is you can solve all these with confidence and move on. I love you so much, mom and dad. Have a beautiful anniversary.

    Having parents that are loving and at the same time supportive is a blessing. Being your firstborn son, I have faced the smooth and the wrath with you. I know what it means to be in a relationship and what it means to be forgiving and hardworking. Happy 40th-anniversary mom and dad.

    Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

    Hi mom and dad, you are parents that every kid out there hopes for. You are also a good example for me and my siblings. Happy anniversary and wishing you the best today and the days to come.

    One thing I have noted that inspires me in my marriage and day to day life is that you are always together and forgiving in good and the bad. Happy anniversary.

    Your togetherness, endurance, tolerance and your support to each other in times of crisis and the good is what inspires us as your children. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

    Through the thick and the thin, mom and dad will always be my role model. You always support each other and have always been part of us. Thanks very much and have a nice time together.

    You are great as a couple and perfect as parents. Your togetherness always makes me happy and makes me feel proud of you. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

    It makes me proud to see you here with me and enjoy your life as a couple. You figured out how much we as your children need you with us here. For that, have the best anniversary.

    I respect you, dad, for working hard to feed us and guide us along. I respect my mother for being part of you helping you in everything you do. Happy anniversary mom and dad, you are the best.

    I wasn’t there when you met but I have been there during the hardest stages of your marriage. Thanks, mom and dad for not giving up.Happy anniversary.

    With all the challenges that you have both endured and the problems you have solved together, I respect you. I love you mom and dad and have a nice celebration.

    Hi dad and mom? I regret today I am not with you to celebrate. I have been part of your marriage and hence we should celebrate together. Though, am thankful that you are together and I wish you more anniversaries. Happy anniversary.

    Happy Anniversary Wishes for Parents

    Mom and dad, you are awesome together, you are the best couple that I want to emulate. Thanks and have a nice day celebrating.

    Celebrate this day to the fullest. It marks the start of your relationship and portrays how much you have both endured coming this far. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

    I wish every couple could emulate you two. You have been a nice couple and a point of reference. Happy anniversary dad and mom.

    I hope you have liked reading this article and found some amazing happy wedding anniversary wishes and messages to share. If you liked the efforts that I have put in writing these happy anniversary wishes then give me a favor by sharing this article with your loved ones.

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