11 Challenges Fearless Female Entrepreneurs Will Face

This one’s for the ladies out there who are everyday super women between kissing boo-boos, wiping off kids’ snot, shuffling the dog to doggy daycare, dropping the furbabies off at the vet, being a loving wife, fiance, or girlfriend.

AND she’s running a successful business or many.

In the meantime she makes it look easy peasy. Today we women do it all and at times we want to pull out our hair, wishing that we could clone two more of ourselves in order to accomplish all the great things in our color coordinated Google calendar.


11 Challenges Female Entrepreneurs Will Face

Any entrepreneur will tell you that running a business is a 24 hours operation, there’s no rest for the weary.

When you’re the head honcho of your office you become the tech person, customer service rep, social media maven, scheduler extraordinaire, negotiator, sales person, office supplies orderer, plumber, copier fixer, the list goes on.

We women have to be all that and face extra challenges out there in the business world too. Here are the 10 challenges we Fempreneurs will face:


1. Fashion Fail Days

When your obsession with your business is so strong there will be days that you are not looking  runway ready. Maybe your makeup smears, hair not perfectly in place, or you have mismatched socks.

Know that it is okay!

There will be days that you don’t look your best. But make sure you don’t totally ignore your appearances completely, as first appearances make a difference.


2. Being Tough Doesn’t Make You Mean

Just because you’re one tough cookie doesn’t make you mean.

It just tells the world that you have higher than normal standards and rightfully so. You had spent so much of your energy on your business. By having these standards you weed out those who simply can’t handle your hustle.


3. Criticism Will Always Be There

People with criticize you for being straight up while others will appreciate your ways. Don’t let criticism take you down. There is no reason you need to apologize for your hard work, dedication and tenacity in an area that is YOUR passion.


4. Throw Perfection Out The Window

Don’t expect everything you do will be perfect. As much as we love to plan for every contingency and fire that will come our way, accept that you will never be perfect. It is through our own mistakes and missteps that we will grow the most.

Imperfection is the one thing that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and conveys authenticity.


5. Watch Out for the Skeevy & Sleezy Clients

This one is a big one. I myself have come across a few of these skeevy clients who borderline are disrespectful to women. So don’t be afraid to check someone who has stepped over the boundaries.

Afterwards there is no reason to continue pursuing any business relationship with them. Don’t stand for any disrespect!  In case of extreme emergency you have the right to pull out pepper spray.


6. Are You Over Multitasking?

We all love to multitask because somewhere we were told that it saves time.

Time, the one commodity that we can not buy back with money. In fact when you over multitask you aren’t putting in 100% of your energy. So the next time you are in that meeting focus on the present- your client and not on what’s on your food shopping list.


7. Worry A Useless Emotion

Worry a natural human emotion that occurs when it involves the unknown. But guess what it’s a useless emotion that doesn’t provide you with any kind of positive or productive outcome.

Know that if things are going to go wrong they will. And when they do you will have optimal laser focus in finding a solution. As you always will since you are the entrepreneur.


8. Tech Savvy Is So Sexy Cool

Tech stuff isn’t just for the guys, we women should and can embrace anything tech as good as the guys. Reshma Saujani is the perfect example she is the founder of an organization called Girls Who Code.

They promote a solution to closing the gender gap in the tech industry,  empowering girls to be a part of change.


9. Learn When to Say No

Women are naturally nurturers wanting to fix and make things better.

But as an entrepreneur you need to know when to say no.

Not everything that goes wrong is your responsibility to fix, there’s no rule book out there that says you must fix all that’s broken.

When you learn to say no you are showing the people around you that you respect your time and they in return have to also respect it too.


10. It’s Ok to Cry It Out, Just Do It In the Bathroom

We ladies are emotional at times. I bet you had moments where you just needed to cry it out for whatever the reason. Go for it, just do it in the bathroom because like any overachiever sometimes we just need a moment to ourselves.

Even if it means being alone and vulnerable with a wad of tissues. If that is what you need then go for it, that’s YOUR moment. Allow yourself to have that and then move on.


11. The Death Of Your Social Life

Your social life will disappear quickly and you’ll probably be happy about it. There is not a single successful person out there that was sad about losing their social life.

Entrepreneurs actually embrace this moment because it gives them more free time to work on their love and passion of serving others. Sometimes even dating becomes a poof in the wind so embrace these quiet solitary moments.

It’s in these moments that creativity, ingenuity, self-growth, and ideas flourish.



Fempreneurs you will face a lot of these challenges but it is not the end of the world. Here’s the opportunity for you to continue practicing being fearless and honing your leadership skills.

In today’s world there are more and more women running businesses and we have to be able to juggle so many things in order for our lives, the lives of those around us and the world to be a better place.

What challenges do you face as a fearless female entrepreneur? Leave a comment below.

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