11 Study Song Playlists That’ll Improve Your Concentration

I’m a big fan of listening to music whilst I work;

In a previous article we discussed just how many benefits of listening to music there truly is, and one of them was improved concentration/motivation whilst working.

Although my preference as to the type of music I listen to whilst sitting here at the computer often differs, there are specific styles that stimulate the right brain activity.

Those mainly being:

  • Classical music
  • Peaceful music
  • Piano music

    How Does Music Benefit You?

    Different areas of the brain light up and become active during a positive music listening experience. Brain activity and cognitive function are improved whilst listening to music, which makes concentration and focus much easier.

    Listening to music through headphones also allows background distractions to be blocked out, so you’ll find that you need a lot less willpower in order to focus.

    Studies have shown that the best type of music to listen to whilst concentration is classical, and piano based music. Although, this may well differ for others.

    This is why the most important consideration when putting together a music playlist is to use a style that creates positive attention.

    With that in mind, we’ve created a compilation of some incredible study song playlists we managed to find on the internet…


    11 Amazing Study Song Playlists

    These playlists come highly recommended, and they do differ in length. We’ve mentioned how long each one of them is, just in case you’re trying to find a time specific playlist to suit your work hours.

    Here are the 11 best study song playlists, that we think will definitely improve your concentration whilst studying:


    Piano Study Music (2 Hours Long)

    Created by: Study Music Project

    This is the ultimate study music playlist for concentrating, focusing, and thinking. This is a collection of almost all the piano study music the owner has written himself, to help others focus whilst studying. The playlist includes study music that he’s composed between 2010 and 2014.

    Relaxing Soft Piano Music (1 Hour Long)

    Created by: Serenity Studio

    Consisting of an hour’s worth of soft piano music, this is another great playlist not just for studying, but for sleeping also.

    Whether you practice yoga, are ready to sleep, welcoming a new day, or studying for an exam; this playlist will take you to that calm, restful, relaxing place where you forget your worries!

    Alpha Waves: Concentration Music (3 Hours Long)

    Created by: Yellow Brick Cinema

    Yellow Brick Cinema’s study & concentration music is ideal background music to help you to study, concentrate, focus and work more effectively.

    Their study music uses alpha waves and binaural beats to boost concentration and brain power. It’s the ideal relaxing music for stress relief.

    Exam Study Music (1 Hour Long)

    Created by: Meditation Relax Club

    Meditation Relax Club have created a playlist that consists of classical piano music.

    It’s just over an hour long, which is a perfect time to sit down for a study period. Work until the song finishes, take a break and then move onto a different playlist for your next session.

    Classical Focus Music (3 Hours Long)

    Created by: Yellow Brick Cinema

    Another awesome playlist for helping you focus whilst studying, from Yellow Brick Cinema. YBC publish all kinds of playlists on their YouTube channel, that aim to help people concentrate, relax, focus, fall asleep, and perform yoga etc.

    Peaceful & Relaxing Instrumental Music (4 Hours Long)

    Created by: Utopian Sounds

    If it’s peaceful and relaxing music that you’re after, Utopian Sounds have created one of the best playlists here. It’s had almost 40 million views on YouTube since it was published!

    It’s also 4 hours long, which is a nice length of time for studying or focusing on work.

    Focus & Background Music (3 Hours Long)

    Created by: Study Music

    Study Music have created a 3 hour playlist to help people improve their focus whilst performing various tasks, including studying. They’ve also gone ahead and listed in the description all the possible benefits of making it a habit to listen to music like this on a regular basis.

    Relaxing Nature Sounds (8 Hours Long)

    Created by: The Honest Guys

    Now, from a slightly different perspective, The Honest Guys have created an incredible 8 hour long playlist, consisting of nature sounds.

    Unlike the other playlists here, this is based on sounds rather than songs. So for anyone who loves the sound of birds and waterfalls, check this out.

    Concentration Music for Learning (1 Hour Long)

    Created by: Relaxing Records

    The great thing about Relaxing Records is that their music is composed in-house by their own team of producers. They use binaural beats and alpha waves to improve focus, boost concentration and brain power.

    The playlist is an hour long, once again, which seems to be the perfect length. You can always switch things up after the hour passes.

    Ocean Breeze: Beautiful Light Music (2 Hours Long)

    Created by: Relax Daily

    Ocean Breeze is a playlist created from a compilation of their own songs. The music is very light, and can serve as a great tool regardless of whether you’re trying to relax or trying to study.

    Studying Music: Increase Brain Power (1 Hour Long)

    Created by: Buddha Tribe

    Last on the list of the best study song playlists, is this awesome mix from Buddha Tribe. The hour long playlist consists of slow piano music, across seven different individual songs. Don’t forget to check this playlist out as well!



    There you have it…

    11 study song playlists that you can listen to anytime you’re wanting to sit down and be able to concentrate fully.

    We all know how easily we can be distracted whenever we’re trying to focus, right?

    A good playlist and a great set of headphones can completely change that.

    When you’re listening to these playlists, I would use over the ear headphones, as apposed to earphones or on-ear headphones. If they’re noise cancelling headphones, that’s even better. You’ll be able to block out all the other noises around you.

    That’s the type of headphone I use whenever I’m sitting in cafe’s trying to get some work done. They’ll completely block out background sounds.

    Do you listen to study song playlists when trying to focus? Leave a comment below.

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