12 Yogurt Memes For Cats And Yogurt-Loving Folks

Who knew spoiled milk could be so delicious, right? This is why you should never leave your yogurt in the fridge. Your housemates, or worse your cat, will steal all your yogurt and then all you’ll be left with is sending anonymous yogurt memes as revenge.

Check out these yogurt memes and then please run to the supermart and buy us a few tubs.

Who Ate the Yogurt?

ate yogurt meme

Brain Blast
cat yogurt memeMad Fresh
fresh yogurt memeFrozen Yogurt?!
frozen yogurt memeOrder of Consumption
lid yogurt memeI Love Yogurt
love yogurt memeThat Ain’t Yogurt
nivea yogurt memeTwo Different Types
parents yogurt memeYo Plate
plait yogurt memeRan Out of Yogurt
ran yogurt memeLook at Her Swirl
swirl yogurt memeFlawless Victory
victory yogurt meme

Everybody and their mother loves yogurt. Send them some yogurt memes today.

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