15 Darkly Funny American Horror Story Meme List

American Horror Story. If there is one thing that this show delivers, its the American Horror Story meme you can send to your fellow AHS fanatic.

AHS fans are always on the lookout for its poetic dialogues and awesome scenes. As the show’s title indicates, it is a horror story. It has plenty of gory, scary and shocking scenes. But it also has really dark funny humor that surprises fans most times. Fans often make light of the serious scenes of demonic possessions, serial killers and hauntings through memes they create.

Let’s look at these hilarious memes and share it right after

You’re Not Ugly

Me and My Bestie After An AHS Marathon Weekend

Joke’s On You

The House Is Haunted


Seriously? Why Would I Not Keep It A Secret?

Get A Job

I Need Holy Eye Drops

After An AHS Season

Alexa Play I Set Fire To …

Don’t Have Sex

Employee Background, I Don’t Think So

That Time Your Parents Set You Up With Someone

I Wanna Play A Game

Hi, I’m Tate

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