15 Dominative Ways to Fail Forward With Grace

Failure, that annoying thing that happens to all of us;

Some fear it while others welcome it…

But what if I told you that there’s no such thing as failing, only opportunities. What if I also told you that you can actually fail forward with grace, class, sophistication and even look cool doing it?


15 Ways to Fail Forward With Grace

Our conditioned relationship with failure is what many of us feel is the evil twin of perfection.

News Flash! There’s no such thing as perfect.

As much as we would love to plan for perfection, along the way we’ll trip over ourselves, fall face down and even successfully embarrass ourselves.

You still looking to be perfect? Sounds scary right?

Fret not, here’s 15 ways that you can fail forward with grace:


1. Drop It Like It’s Hot

Change your relationship with failure. This is a must, a foundation to being better. Instead of viewing failure as this big hurdle, embrace the opportunities that it will provide you. When you change the way you view it you can actually learn a thing or two.


2. Failure Got Nothing On Me

Don’t you dare let failure deter you from your goal.

Accept the fact that on the road to success you’re going come across mountains, icebergs and everything in between but don’t let that stop you. Keep persisting because your goal is bigger than any hurdle the universe will throw in your path.


3. Learn From It

The best thing that failure can ever do for us is to give us the chance to learn what we did right or where we fell short. Use this as a major learning opportunity.


4. Holler If You Need Help

When  faced with failure it’s okay to not know what to do next.

Matter of fact don’t be shy to ask for help. Today with a variety of social platforms from Quora, Facebook, Blogs, and even Google you are bound to find the answers which you seek. Don’t wallow, find solutions.


5. Let It Roll Off Your Shoulder

Learn to let it go. There’s no use in replaying where you went wrong, move on. Whatever was done was done.


6. Get a Better Strategy Next Time

So you failed this time, it just means that you need to get a better strategy for next time. Sometimes failure can be avoided when you are prepared. If you think about it, when the military goes out on covert missions they have strategies.

They replay every strategic step down to the minute detail until it becomes instinctive behavior. You should approach failure the same way.


7. The Power of No

When someone says no to you that doesn’t mean that you turn and hide in the corner. Matter of fact you should be elated, they just gave you vital information.

What they are saying is no right now or no because, “I don’t really understand what you are offering.” So make sure you follow up with questions that will provide you with additional insight as to why not.


8. Be Kind To Yourself When You Fumble

There’s nothing worse than beating yourself up. We probably do the best job at that without any help. When you stumble make sure you are kind to yourself. The world can be cruel enough so why should you be mean to yourself too?


9. Failure is the In Thing

Have you ever heard of someone who never failed, never made a mistake or never did anything wrong. That would be a big NO. Failure is cool, everyone fails.

Anyone that’s made a significant contribution to the world has failed Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, heck I bet even the Dalai Lama had his moments too. So welcome to the cool kids table.


10. Who Smelled It Dealt It

If you are the one who made a mistake or failed others, have the courage to say, “I’m sorry” or “It was my mistake.”

Even though you did wrong, people will appreciate you much more when you are honest. Matter of fact they trust you more even though you made a mistake.


11. Find An Accountability Partner

Sometimes when you find a partner it’s helps ease the blows of failure. It keeps you both in check with how you’re handling failure. Both you and your partner could even create new ways to deal with failure in the future.


12. Keep a Learning Journal

No matter how many times you fail, how big or small the failure write it down.

We learn better when we write things down. After a year you can look back and see how much you’ve accomplished and how many times you’ve failed in just one year and still survived.


13. Positivity Rules The World

A positive environment is important to have around you at all times. It’s easy to get sucked into a negativity cycle so being around as many positive messages and people will help you maintain a successful outlook.


14. Getting Feedback

You definitely want to get feedback from others. It is always a good idea to hear from your peers or team about the things that you’ve done right and wrong. This helps you to grow in the future.


15. Be Persistent Like a Kid

If you have siblings you might’ve played the who can jump higher on the bed game.

No matter what your brother or sister said to you, you tried to jump higher than they did. But the important part was that none of you gave up until you were yelled at by your parents.



We must all accept that failure is good, it’s natural, it’s a part of life that we all get to experience. Remember all the great people in history experienced failure in their lifetime. You will not be the first or last person to make mistakes.

Learn to grow from them and strive to be better than you were yesterday.

The next time failure comes to your doorstep, stare it down and take steps to succeed. Promise yourself that you will never give up, no matter how difficult the failure you will get past it.

How do you fail forward? Leave a comment below.

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