15 Funny James Charles Memes For Your Meme Folder

When you’re as popular as James Charles, you know every little thing you do is bound to go viral.

James Charles is an American Teen MUA, YouTuber and Covergirl’s first male spokesperson. He’s that teen who went viral for retaking his senior photos by bringing his ring light so his highlight would pop.

But it turned out it was all a lie. He didn’t retake is photos but photoshopped the highlight. Teens are bound to make mistakes and lying about what made him famous is not the end of it all. He apparently made racist comments on Twitter but already apologized for it.

How did the internet deal with his situation? By creating a James Charles meme. Let’s look at some of it.

I Studied For A Different Chapter

exam james charles meme

Wow, Thanks? 

gift james charles

Sis, Can I Copy Your Homework?

homework james charles meme

What To Do?

kids james charles meme

How’s Life?

life james charles meme

It’s Not A Big Deal

life james charles meme

Two Moods

moods james charles meme

Multitasking Wizard Artist

muggles james charles meme

We Need To Talk

parents james charles meme

Your Friend: I Don’t Know What I Want To Eat

restaurant james charles meme

When The Tea Is So Hot But You’re Ready To Sip It

tea james charles meme

My Mind, It’s amazing

test james charles meme

You Thought I’ll Have A Hangover?

water james charles meme

Why Have You Forsaken Me?

wifi james charles meme

Wig Flew

wig james charles meme

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