15 Hilarious Picnic Memes That Will Make Your Day

Picnics! It means delicious food, a day in the sun, chilling with friends or family, and yes, even picnic memes.

What unforgettable memories do you have of picnics? Maybe it’s an invasion of ants or wild animals. How about a friend being extra or over-dressing? Or, God forbid, how about those compulsory company picnics?

We got you covered. Here’s a picnic meme for you.


Brace Yourself

Did You Say

Hand Over

Hey There

It’s A Casual Picnic

Life Isn’t Always


Thank You

When Boss Message

USPS Picnic

Want To Go

Let’s Have A Picnic

Why I Was Fired

You Don’t Have

Share a funny picnic meme today and get somebody in the mood for a fun day outside.

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