15 Hot as Lava Tea Memes Sure To Relax You

The Tea meme. We all look for it. There’s always a situation that calls for these memes because who doesn’t like hot gossip, savage revelations with a hot cup of tea?

Don’t you all worry. We got you. We rounded up some of the hottest tea memes guaranteed to relax you and give you a good start to your day.

Now let’s sip the hot tea memes.

Be Right Back

brb tea meme

Don’t Mind Me

drinking tea meme

First Sip Of Tea

first tea meme

How To Drink Tea

how tea meme

Put The Kettle On

kettle tea meme


microwave tea meme

Brace Yourselves

morning tea meme

No Tea For You

no tea meme

A Very Loolong Time

oolong tea meme

I’m A Royal Tea

royal tea meme

Did Somebody Say Tea?

somebody tea meme

The Unsinkable Tea 

teatanic tea meme

Reading News In The Morning

this tea meme

I Think I Had Too Much

too much tea meme

It’s Unacceptable

unacceptable tea meme

Did you enjoy sippin’ some tea? I hope you did! Don’t forget to share it with the squad so they know what’s up and what’s good.

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