15 Inspirational J Reyez Quotes to Lift Your Spirits

For those of you who might not be familiar with the work of J Reyez, he’s a currently unsigned rapper who has become successful all through his own doing with no help from a record label.

His lyrics, depending on the subject he’s rapping about, are very inspirational towards people who might be struggling to cope with life, people giving them a hard time, or people leaving them and similar situations we’re faced with in life.

I couldn’t see a list on the internet anywhere showcasing some of J Reyez’ top quotes, so I decided to go through some of his lyrics and pick out some highly inspirational J Reyez quotes, that will lift people’s spirits.



15 Inspirational J Reyez Quotes

1. “Even if they hate you, what they say can’t break you. Just smile through it all. Just be grateful.” – J Reyez

2. “We are taking life for granted everyday. We should be grateful for the shit we have in every way.” – J Reyez

3. “I know it’s hard sometimes but you’ve got to keep the faith and get through today, because everyday’s a new day. To try again or fall, you’ve got to stand tall.” – J Reyez

4. “If someone cares, you’ve just got to bring those people closer. Don’t get lower, be a soldier until it’s all over.” – J Reyez

5. “We’re growing up a lot faster than our friends. They pretend and they want to see us fall in the end, and they don’t care. And they’re living lies in their time because it makes them feel better about their lives going nowhere.” – J Reyez

6. “I know it’s hard sometimes, and life’s a roller coaster. And when it’s dark in your mind, you’ve got to keep composure.” – J Reyez

7. “Just stay strong when you feel you want to cry. Just look to the sky, keep your head up high.” – J Reyez

8. “Take control of your emotions, keep the soul and keep the faith. Fix the pieces that were broken.” – J Reyez

9. “Just got to smile, ’cause life itself is worth awhile.” – J Reyez

10. “The game is full of fakes. Too many seek attention.” – J Reyez

11. “You’ve got to understand that money is the mind’s motivation, and it could save lives but it drives it to hatred.” – J Reyez

12. “You’ve got to understand that everybody has struggles, no matter who you are or where you’re from.” – J Reyez

13. “If you feel you want to die, turn around and let me guide you. Beside you the answer is not suicidal.” – J Reyez

14. “I do this all day, life is like a high way. I do this all day, and I do it my way.” – J Reyez

15. “I’m not a perfect person, but you see me perfectly.” – J Reyez


J Reyez – Tomorrow (Official Video)


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