15 Psychiatrist Memes That Are Absolutely Bonkers

Mental health is a serious thing. Many people struggle to get out of bed, do normal everyday things, and try to be happy. Even just simple things that other people don’t pay much attention too can be almost impossible to do.

Still, if you’re reading this post and still laughing at these funny memes, then you’re one step ahead of all your troubles because your sense of humor is still intact. Keep laughing and smiling one day at a time.

I Paid My Psychiatrist

I Saw A Psychiatrist

The Ubiquitous John Cena

Everyone Hates Me

I Was Born In A Box

Meet Psychiatrist On Dating Site

My Mental Illness When I’m Alone

Safely Tapering Off Meds

So Tell Me…

Tell Me More 

What My Friends Think I Do

When Did The Memes Start

My Childhood

Free Samples

You Mean Jack Daniels?

If you know anybody who can relate to these psychiatrist memes, send them a meme today.

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