15 Relatably Funny Reality TV Memes

Very seldom would a friend admit they are addicted to reality tv. One can even say they are guilty pleasures we indulge in the privacy of our bedrooms where there is no witness.

Reality shows have become addicting in this social media obsessed society we now live in. Everyone knows everything and someone always wants to be validated on their own timeline. And this has become the foundation of reality tv. There will always be people wanting to be witness to anything. Someone might just prefer to watch somebody else be savage in a modeling show or root for the underdog in a show where people live communaly.

Reality tv memes are also no different. Often harsher and much closer to life. Let’s look at some of the funny ones and some really daring ones.

2016 Liberals Glow Up

America Has Become

Are You Kidding Me?

Me When I Walk In On My Mom Watching TV

I Don’t Always

We’re Waiting For This Collab Of Reality TV

Reality TV Obsessed Society Elected A Reality TV Star

Not Sure Anymore

Seriously, Why Ever Not?

Seems Scripted To Me

I Got Honey Boo Boo’d 

A Flawed Plan

Where Are The Cameras At?

Big Brother Planet

I Want To Audition In That Reality Show… I Can Act Better!

Share these memes and bring laughter to somebody elses timeline.

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