15 Success Lessons From A World Class Diamond Dealer

Have you ever wonder what it’s like to carry 6 million dollars worth of diamonds in your handbag without a bodyguard or any kind of protection?

What about hopping on and off commercial flights with bling snuggled between your clothes? Or putting on 5 carat flawless diamond studs in your ears? It sounds like something out of the movies right? If you can believe it, that was real life for me!

It was definitely exhilarating and adventurous carrying diamonds but it was also a high stress job. You put your life on the line every time you walked out the door with millions of dollars on you.

You had to babysit the stones from start to finish while you travelled.


15 Success Lessons From A Diamond Dealer

There were some epic lessons of being a diamond dealer that shifted the way you look at the world. Some of these lessons were hard to learn while other were “ah-ha” moments. Here’s what I learned from being a diamond dealer:


1. Negotiate Anything

Anything in life can be negotiated (when done right).

There’s no such thing as a no. Every diamond dealer has an automatic no repellent. They always ask why not? If you ever get to listen in on one of these negotiations, I promise you, you will be thoroughly impressed.


2. Everything is For Sale

If it’s not nailed to the ground sell it.

There’s always a way to make money if you’re creative enough.

When I worked in the industry, I was first introduced to the concept of selling gold shavings. A brilliant idea that never crossed my mind but it perfectly emulates the concept of anything is for sale.


3. Speak Your Truth

The liberation when you are around people who are cut throat honest feels wonderful.

You know precisely where you stand in every situation with someone. Whether they think you are wonderful, scandalous, or amazing, it’s all out there for you. It’s a gracious courtesy that’s super refreshing.


4. Your Word is Your Bond

These days so many people will say things just because it’s the right thing to say at that moment. But in the diamond district where a sale is made with a handshake, your word is bond.

It’s very much like some unwritten contract that when dishonoured brings you shame and not to mention bad luck.


5. Respect the Hustle

The saying you eat what you hunt is one that every salesperson is familiar with.

Diamond dealers know that if they don’t go out there to get the business then someone else will. So work harder than your competition if you want to reap the benefits later on.


6. Have No Fear

When you know the risks but still make a decision to do the job.

In fact you’ve made the decision to not allow fear to get in the way. After all, if you successfully accomplish something like your life depended on it then the outcome will be amazing things. Things that you never thought were possible.


7. Optimal Focus

You see when you’re in an industry that’s high action, high risk you need to have the utmost focus.

There’s no room for major mistakes because every mistake can potentially cost you thousands if not millions of dollars. If a diamond cutter makes one wrong cut they can decrease the value of a stone by thousands of dollars.


8. Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil

One of my old bosses used to say this all the time, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” What that meant was if you don’t speak up, no one will know what you need in that moment. People aren’t mind readers so be brave, ask for what you need.


9. It’s a Numbers Game

Like any habit in life, if you practice it over and over again you become great at what you do. Whether it’s negotiating, sales or focus, master it by repetition.


10. Forever Buyers

There will always be someone out there who is willing to pay for what you’re selling. Just because you think it’s ridiculous someone else will happily buy it from you because they need it.


11. Master Your Craft

Master what you are good at. When you do that people will seek you out whether it’s in business or in life. The road to mastery is a steep slope that many don’t want to put in the work. But if you do, doors will open and opportunities will steadfastly flow into your life.


12. You Don’t Have to Always Be a Hero

Know where your limitations are in life. You don’t have to rush in to save everyone or everything. Whatever you aren’t great at you can always ask for help, outsource or even ask an expert.


13. Who Cares What Others Think About You

Diamond dealers have very thick skin. There’s no room for being offended because you become numbed to negativity. In the end it doesn’t matter what others think about you but in fact if you can look yourself in the mirror. You need to live with yourself.


14. Everyone Has a Struggle

You never know anyone’s real story, struggles, pain and hardships until you really get to know them. So as much as you respect someone’s hustle also respect their struggle, it’s the key to connections.


15. Charm is an Art

Diamond dealers are some of the most charming people. The really good ones can sell ice to an eskimo. Charm is something that comes in handy and can give you that extra boost to sway someone in your direction. It’s definitely a skill that can be learned.



Behind every diamond’s glimmer there is a story of mastery that follows. Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend but it can create life lessons that you would’ve never imagined.

So let’s go out there and shine just a little bit brighter than we did yesterday. Don’t be afraid to let your best attributes shine through. Be bold and leave a lasting impression in the world and have fun in the process.

Which are your favorite success lessons? Leave a comment below.

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