16 Relatable So It Begins Memes From Lord of the Rings

There are some very identifiable occurrences that signify the beginning of things that may either be uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing, or even scary. Monday is the best example. When you open your eyes on a Monday morning, you know that the rest of the grueling week is ahead of you. As King Theoden memorably quoted in the 2002 film Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, “So it begins…”

Check out these funny “It Begins” memes. There’s a lot of relatable situations down below for sure.

When You Start Your Search For The Cancel Netflix Button

so it begins cancel netflix meme

Christmas Carols On The Radio

so it begins christmas carols meme

Halloween Will Be Gone Tomorrow

so it begins christmas meme

When Christmas Music Starts Playing In Walmart

so it begins christmas music meme

When A Coworker Tells Me Good Morning

so it begins coworker meme

When I Hear First Knock On My Door

so it begins first knock on my door meme

Guards At Area 51

so it begins guards at area 51 meme

My Stomach When I Eat The First Of My Halloween Candy

so it begins halloween candy meme

The Last Shopping Days Before Christmas

so it begins last shopping days meme

So It Begins

so it begins meme war

How I Feel On Mondays

so it begins monday meme

When My Alarm Wakes Me Up On Monday Morning

so it begins monday morning meme

When You Hear Your Kids Wake Up In The Morning

so it begins morning meme

No-Nut November

so it begins no nut november meme

Me Showing Up For Work Like

so it begins showing up for work meme

When You Just Start Work

so it begins start work meme

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