17 Captain America: Civil War Memes


This scene from Captain America: Civil War with Captain America and Iron Man in an intense face-off was very quickly taken by the internet and immediately meme-ified as soon as the film was announced. One look at Iron Man’s face tells you he is simply appalled. He is not having a good day, and he is not about to sit there and take any of your stuff.

There are a ton of memes that have gone and used this template in awesome and hilarious ways. Robert Downey Jr. really just sells it. See for yourself!

Age Is Just A Number Tony

civil war age meme

Devotions In The Morning

civil war devotions meme

Facebook Or Twitter

civil war facebook twitter my space meme

Outdoors Fast-Food

civil war fast food meme

It’s Pronounced Jif

civil war jif meme

Who Died And Made You Perfect

civil war made you perfect meme

Peggy Carter Is Just The Love Interest

civil war peggy carter meme

Pluto Is A Planet

civil war pluto meme

Pulp or No Pulp

civil war pulp meme

Samsung Or Iphone

civil war samsung iphone meme

Cumberbatch Was A better Sherlock

civil war sherlock meme

I’ve Never Liked Your Spinach Puffs

civil war spinach puffs meme

Star Trek Vs Star Wars

civil war star trek star wars meme

Team Iron Man

civil war team iron man meme

The Toilet Roll Goes Over

civil war toilet paper meme

Trolling Level Tony Stark

civil war tony stark meme

Jif Vs Gif

civil war gif meme

Troll somebody today and send a funny Captain America meme.

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