17 Funny Consuela Memes From The Family Guy

The Family Guy’s Consuela may be your stereotypical Hispanic house help but she never fails to amuse with her adoration for Lemon Pledge and her penchant for unforgettable one liners. If you’ve ever hurrahed whenever Consuelo appeared onscreen as Superman’s maid or a controller of the security system at the palace of Jabba the Hutt, then you’ll surely enjoy these special Consuela memes.

Amy Winehouse

consuela amy winehouse meme

Consuela Card

consuela cards meme

No No Mr. Charles Manson No Here

consuela charles manson meme

Girls Did You Know

consuela did you know meme

I Don’t Always Use Cleaning Products

consuela lemon pledge meme

No No

consuela life give you lemons meme

Meester Superman

consuela meester superman meme

The Aliens At Area 51

consuela no aliens meme

I’m Not A Comment

consuela no comment meme

No By Consuela

consuela no mr dirt here meme

No No No No Comprende Inglese

consuela no comprende meme

No No No

consuela no paper towels meme

I See You Soon Rodrigo

consuela see you soon rodrigo meme

I Don’t Know Who You Are

consuela taken meme


consuela trash compactor meme

No No No No

consuela upside down meme

When The Wrong One Ask If I’m Single

consuela wrong one meme

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