18 Funny Memes Of Big Ed From 90 Day Fiancé


It’s a mark of one’s popularity when one gets more popular than the reality show that gave rise to said popularity. Such is the case with Big Ed. Many people have never watched the 90 Day Fiancé but know him from his signature looks.

Bluntly speaking, Big Ed is very identifiable because of his body structure. Specifically, he is mostly head and shoulders and sans a neck. It is actually a rare genetic disorder that fuses two bones in the neck, but Big Ed has learned to focus on the positives in his life.

One thing is sure, Big Ed’s Internet fame is cemented thanks to Big Ed memes like these.

8 Year Old Me

big ed 8 year old me meme

10 Year Old Me

big ed 10 year old me meme


big ed art meme

Me When My Wife Comes Home

big ed chicken meme

Coffee Activated

big ed coffee meme

Me When My Girlfriend Starts Crying

big ed girlfriend starts crying meme

If Head & Shoulders Was A Person

big ed head and shoulders meme

13 Year Old Me

big ed hickey meme

Ed From 90 Days Fiance

big ed impractical jokers meme


big ed introverts meme

Why Are You Laughing

big ed laughing meme

Netflix Adaptation

big ed netflix adaptation meme

Corporate Needs You To Find The Differences Between This Picture and This Picture

big ed theyre the same pictures meme

The Feeling After Ordering A $8 Sandwich

big ed ubereats meme

When You Find Out Vampires Go For The Neck

big ed vampires meme

Big Ed

big ed vs blob fish meme

Big Ed Wants To Lava You

big ed wants to lava you meme

Waking Up Five Minutes Before My Zoom Classes

big ed zoom class meme

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