18 Grumpy Grandpa Memes For A Walk Down Memory Lane

If you want a chaotic walk down memory lane, then what you are looking for is a Grumpy Grandpa meme.

Some grandparents are as sweet as peaches but some old folks are downright scary and intimidating. They can especially get all fired up when they start talking about how things used to be back in the old days.

Check out these funny Grumpy Grandpa memes and see the things that has grumpy Gramps’ pants on fire.

A Cream Pie Went In Your Face

Call Of Duty 7?

Facebook Was For College Students


History Channel Had Shows

I Have A Structured Settlement

I Lost A Friend On That Beach

I Thought We Bombed That Place

NSFW Meant Genitals Or Dismemberment

I Tied An Onion To My Belt

There Were Only 50 States

There Were Only 150 Pokemon

We Called Him Snoop Dogg

We Didn’t Have Internet

We Used This Meme

What Do You Call A Ship

Wheelchairs Were For Disabled People

You Didn’t Need To Talk

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