18 Relatable Video Games Memes

There’s a lot to love about video games, mainly because there are just so many kinds of them. Adventure, action, farming, building, racing—video games have ’em all. There’s something special about controlling what’s happening on screen that just can’t be captured by TV shows or movies.

At the same time, there are a ton of silly things about video games as well. Much like other forms of media, it has its fair share of tropes. One of our personal favorites is the unnecessarily long hallway near the end of a game filled with dramatic tension. You just know there’s a final boss at the end waiting for your party of heroes to arrive. Go get ’em!

Just like how there are so many types of video games, we have a host of video game-related memes for your reading pleasure here as well. If you’ve ever played a video game before, you’re sure to relate to at least one of them.

Lots Of Health Potions And Supplies

video games meme auto save

Economy In Ruins

video games meme blaming videogames

Boys When A Male Teammate Dies Once

video games meme boys when a male teammate dies one

Before Candy Crush

video games meme candy crush

Humans Have Been Violent For Thousands Of Years

video games meme coincidence i think not

When You’re Trying To Explore

video games meme cutscene

Gets A 104 Degree Fever

video games meme gets a 104 degree fever

Watches You Murder 15 People In The Street

video games meme hotdog guy in gta

Do You Know Someone Over 30 Who Still Plays Video Games

video games meme obi wan

Mom Buys Me A PS4

video games meme our ps4

Person Playing A Violent Video Game

video games meme person playing a violent video game

Beautiful Day Outside

video games meme play video games with the windows open


video games meme tetris

Video Game Final Boss

video games meme video game final boss

Video Games Are What’s Causing Violence

video games meme video games are whats causing violence

Videogames Causes Violence

video games meme violence (2)

Humans Have Been Violent For Thousands Of Years

video games meme violence

When An Item Doesn’t Match

video games meme when an item doesnt match

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