18 Twilight Memes For Fans… Or Not


Ready to bust some guts with a Twilight meme? Don’t worry friends, these memes are way better than the movie series!

True fans of the Twilight series will always say that the movies did not give justice to the books. Well, either way, internet trolls, and junkies seemed to gain a treasure horde of materials the moment the Twilight series showed up. If anything, we should all give thanks to the series since it made the internet a livelier place for everyone.

Could Use Time Being Immortal


Hey, I Just Met You

How Did You Find Me?

I Don’t Always Smile

I’m Edward Cullen

Is He….Sparkling?

It’s Done!

Kristen Stewart Emotional Chart

LOL Sorry Bella

Ow, Paper Cut.

Still A Better Love Story

They Actually Made The Whole Twilight Series?

They Told Us That We Could Be Anything

When Twilight Is Over

Who Are You And Why Does The Queen Want You Dead?

You’re Pale And Ice Cold

You’re White And Super Strong

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