19 Drool-Worthy Fried Chicken Memes


Fried chicken is definitely not right up there with vegetables and fruits. Still, very few can resist the allure of crispy fried chicken. It smells amazing, that first bite is crunchilicious, and the juicy bite is out of this world. No wonder people are a sucker for fried chicken takeout.

If you’re a fried chicken lover like the rest of us, then you’ll definitely enjoy these fried chicken memes.

Chicken Fried Chicken

chicken fried chicken meme

Thanks Mom

fried chicken birthday meme

Fried Chicken

fried chicken brings people together meme

You Said You Would Start To Eat Healthy

fried chicken eat healthy meme

The Evolution Of Fried Chicken

fried chicken evolution meme

Fried Chicken Friday

fried chicken friday meme

You Gonna Share That

fried chicken go away meme

Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

fried chicken happiness meme

When It Comes To Fried Chicken Every Day Is Leg Day

fried chicken leg day meme

Lord Of The Wings

fried chicken lord of the wings meme

When U Don’t Have Flowers

fried chicken no flowers meme

KFC Double Down Dog

fried chicken scientists meme

When You’re In Denial About Your Unhealthy Eating Habits

fried chicken unhealthy eating habits meme

Ever See Something And Think

fried chicken violently american meme

Yo Dawg I Hear You Like Fried Chicken

fried chicken yo dawg meme

I Want Fried Chicken

i want fried chicken meme

No More Fried Chicken

no more fried chicken meme

I Smell Fried Chicken

smell fried chicken meme

You Say Fried Chicken

you say fried chicken meme

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