20 Addictive Candy Crush Memes

In life, there’s only two kinds of people – those who play Candy Crush and those who don’t. You can easily identify the addicted Candy Crush player. They’re continually asking for lives on Facebook or they’re stuck to their mobile phones trying to pass that level they’re stuck in.

The other side is easily identifiable, too. Just say Candy Crush and they’ll give an eye roll or they’ll run away screaming like a bat from Hell.

Whichever person you are, check out the below and tell us you can’t relate to at least one Candy Crush meme.

Clear All The Jelly

I Will Get Something

I Played Candy Crush

Candy Crush At Work

The Devil Incarnate

Completed 2 Candy Crush Levels

What A Candy Crush Addict Looks Like

You Don’t Want To Know

Finally Beat That Level

I Will Find You

I Hate To Bother You

You’re Next

Boss Level

One Does Not

Candy Tragedy

Relationships Are Hard

First World

What About You?


Your Face When

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