20 Ancient Aliens Memes – Aliens!

There’s a certain soothing and calming assurance to the idea that you can blame everything inexplicable to aliens. Your girlfriend dumped you? Aliens! Your bank account suddenly went zero? Aliens! Your Taco Bell takeout disappeared from the refrigerator? Aliens!

These leaps of faith are a tongue-in-cheek parody of the way that alien specialist Giorgio Tsoukalos explains unexplained phenomena as being the result of aliens from outer space. If you’ve watched Ancient Aliens, then you know who this alien expert is.

Check out all these funny Ancient Alien memes.

What If Area 51 Gets Raided

ancient aliens area 51 memes

Touching The Bathroom Doorknob

ancient aliens bathroom doorknob memes

Bread Goes In

ancient aliens bread and toast memes

The Pyramids Aliens

ancient aliens crop circles memes

Is Your Dog Barking At Nothing

ancient aliens dogs barking memes

If Ancient Aliens Didn’t Exist

ancient aliens exist memes

How Does Your Headphone’s Cord Get Tangled

ancient aliens headphone cord memes

I Don’t Know

ancient aliens i dont know memes


ancient aliens illuminati memes

How Did I Get A Job

ancient aliens job memes

When I Arrive 40 Minutes Late To Work

ancient aliens late to work memes

I’m Not Saying It Was Aliens

ancient aliens meme

Do You Know What The T Stand For

ancient aliens model t memes

I’m Not Saying Your An Alien

ancient aliens must be an alien memes

Even If It’s Not Aliens

ancient aliens not aliens memes

Oompa Loompas

ancient aliens oompa loompas memes

I’m Not Saying Aliens Built The Pyramids

ancient aliens pyramids memes

I Didn’t Hear Your Question

ancient aliens questions memes

You Can’t find Your Second Sock

ancient aliens second sock memes

My Sources

ancient aliens sources memes

We can’t think of a good closing sentence. Why? Aliens!

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