20 Famous Toya Wright Quotes About Life

Toya Wright is an American reality television personality, businesswoman, and author. Wright has released books such as: ‘Priceless Inspirations’, ‘In My Own Words…My Real Reality’, and ‘How To Lose A Husband’.

She is well known for being the former wife of rapper Lil Wayne. She starred in her own reality show called ‘Toya: A Family Affair’.

Here’s a collection of the most famous Toya Wright quotes:


20 Famous Toya Wright Quotes About Life

1. “Nobody can cook like a grandma.” – Toya Wright

2. “I wanted to have my own house, my own car, and my own money. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I had to.” – Toya Wright

3. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” – Toya Wright

4. “You know how I feel about that whole rapper thing… I dated your dad when I was younger than that and there’s a whole lot that comes with that lifestyle. And that’s the last thing I want or any mother want.” – Toya Wright

5. “My mom was there looking good; my aunt hooked her hair up. We took family pictures and played all night!” – Toya Wright

6. “I don’t like the age difference. I don’t like the fact that he has four kids because I mean, you trying to be stepmom, honey?” – Toya Wright


7th of 20 Toya Wright Quotes 

7. “New Orleans has a rich culture for art and cuisine.” – Toya Wright


8. “When I went to the hospital after that, you know, my mom identified the bodies. And you know, she said it was my brothers. It’s like I just got numb. I was like, ‘This cannot be real.’ It’s like it’s a pain that I don’t think I ever felt in my life. You know, to lose two siblings at one time over senseless violence.” – Toya Wright

9. “It’s no shade against Lucci. I wish him the best but I want the best for her.” – Toya Wright

10. “You live and you learn, whatever. I just want the best for my kid at the end of the day.” – Toya Wright

11. “It was very hurtful to see priceless memories floating in the water.” – Toya Wright

12. “Well, she’s single… She’s young.” – Toya Wright

13. “highlighting that people of many cultures and ethnicities converge on the city for tours, conferences, and vacations.” – Toya Wright

14. “Today is a big day for me. At the age of 20 years old, I just got the keys to my own house.” – Toya Wright

15. “It was such a weird feeling to go from a place where you are surrounded by family and see them all the time to a city where you know no one.” – Toya Wright

16. “The thing I liked about the move to Atlanta was that it put me around business-minded women.” – Toya Wright


17th of 20 Toya Wright Quotes 

17. “Being around my siblings meant everything to me.” – Toya Wright


18. “The food is cooked with love. Like, when I think about the food, it really touches your soul like coming from someone’s grandmother.” – Toya Wright

19. “I was just so excited to be around them and just see them. My aunt dressed all the kids in plaid tops and black bottoms.” – Toya Wright

20. “The architecture: for instance, the floor-to-ceiling windows are things you don’t see in other places. It gives me the feeling of a mini New York City.” – Toya Wright



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