20 Good Snowman Christmas Card Sayings

A snowman is a sculpture made from snow and topped off with several adorning features and accessories. The snowman dates back to medieval times and is depicted as an illustration as early as 1380. Here is a look at some of the best snowman Christmas card sayings to get inspired with this classically associated character for this holiday.

“A snowman is the perfect man. He’s very well rounded and comes with his own broom.”

“Children building snowmen having lot of fun, getting real excited as Christmas has begun.”

“Frosty’s here, what did he say? He asked if you’re coming out to play Hoping we won’t see the sun If he melts it won’t be fun.”

“Hey, we had some snow last night Look outside and see the sight Snow has fallen all around Thick and heavy on the ground.”

“I built myself a snowman as big as he could be I clothed him in a hat and scarf for everyone to see.”

“It takes a few extra rolls to make a good midsection.”

“It’s time to build a snowman, The biggest one of all, Winter is upon us, Just watch those snowflakes fall.”

“Let us build a snowman As big and as tall as can be We will give him a jacket and a Christmas hat Then some eyes so he can see.”

“Let’s make a snowman, really big Carrot nose and arms of twig Lumps of coal make eyes that pop And a shiny fancy hat on top!”

“Life is like a blanket of snow. Be careful how you step on it. Every step will show!”

“Oh No, the sun has come out I just won’t last the day If it’s heat starts to soften me I will simply melt away.”

“Open the Window and look outside, The Snow is falling on a Winter wonderland, Put on your warm Clothes and out to make a Snoman we go, Gathering and rolling the snow.”

“Snow will abound at Christmas time for you For you a Snowman you will make On the other side of the world i can only but dream of a Snowman i would like to make As you make your Snowman think of me and have a very Happy Snow Christmas.”

“Snowballs for sale — our hottest seller!”

“Snowman Season is upon us, All dressed up amongst the Christmas Lights and all the good cheer, Snowman, i have never made, so make one for me please.”

“Snowman’s cold, Snowman’s jolly, On his hat put a piece of holly, Snowman’s happy, Snowman’s fun, ‘Til it’s time to go in the heat of sun.”

“Snowmen have cold feet but warm hearts.”

“Snowmen seen at Christmas time, Always make us smile, With their carrot nose and button eyes, They sure do show some style.”

“The Snowman wears a battered hat, A coat all tattered and torn, A bright red scarf around his neck, Now that should keep him warm.”

“Two large snowballs joined together, Carrot for his nose, Pieces of coal for his eyes and mouth, Twigs for his limbs.”

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