20 Greatest Scott Storch Quotes

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Scott Storch is an American hip-hop music producer. He has worked with artists including The Game, Chris Brown, T.I., Beyonce, Nas, Dr. Dre, Lil’ Kim, Pink, and more. In 2006, he won the ASCAP Songwriter of the Year award.

Storch has produced several popular songs including ‘X’ by Xzibit featuring Snoop Dogg, ‘Fighter’ by Christina Aguilera, ‘Let Me Love You’ by Mario, ‘Candy Shop’ by 50 Cent featuring Olivia, ‘Just a Lil Bit’ by 50 Cent, and many more. 

Here’s a collection of the greatest Scott Storch quotes: 


20 Greatest Scott Storch Quotes

1 .”All the time, as drug addicts, we proclaim that we’re going to do this and do that or whatever.” – Scott Storch

2 .”Big Boi [is a] talented artist. God bless him.” – Scott Storch

3 .”Even knowing you was once wearing the f–king crown, you still got to go back in the trenches. You got to bite your lip, deflate your ego and fight.” – Scott Storch

4 .”Even some of the stuff I’ve learned while making EDM is helpful to me because I’m understanding all different facets of music.” – Scott Storch

5 .”I got a lady in my life and my children.” – Scott Storch

6 .”I had to explore what’s out there in the world because I’ve been doing the same thing for so long, but the EDM thing, I just feel like I don’t want to be on the road DJing.” – Scott Storch

7 .”I hadn’t quite found myself back then. That was a year before I quit doing drugs.” – Scott Storch


8th of 20 Scott Storch Quotes

8 .”I think it’s just sad in this industry that sometimes the pressures of being successful make you say things that are untrue.” – Scott Storch


9 .”I want to be in the studio where I belong.” – Scott Storch

10 .”I’m two years sober now. It just obviously bounced back to what it was.” – Scott Storch

11 .”It’s cool watching everybody evolve.” – Scott Storch

12 .”It’s just a beautiful life and I’m very lucky. I live a great life.” – Scott Storch

13 .”Me and Dr. Dre didn’t speak for a while because I was going through my problems.” – Scott Storch

14 .”Music has changed, but there will always be a demand for amazing music. I feel like I have a lot to offer and the future’s bright.” – Scott Storch

15 .”One of the greatest things that has happened to me in my newest era of my career and my life is I made peace with Dr. Dre.” – Scott Storch

16 .”People don’t go to the record store anymore. It’s crazy. The culture used to be so much stronger.” – Scott Storch

17 .”Sonics are important to me, expanding my sound library, working with effects and doing different things to make the same music that I would physically play on the keyboard.” – Scott Storch


18th of 20 Scott Storch Quotes

18 .”There’s still great music out there. There’s always going to be pioneers. I think music is in a cool place, and I think music is ready for more music in music.” – Scott Storch


19 .”You’re on, you’re making your music, taking it seriously, living up to all the things that you say you’re going to do and you set out to do.” – Scott Storch

20 .“You’ve got to get in where you fit in.” – Scott Storch



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