20 Incredible David Packouz Quotes

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David Packouz is an American former arms dealer, musician, inventor, and entrepreneur. Packouz is currently the CEO of the music technology company ‘Singular Sound’.

He is the guy who inspired the movie ‘War Dogs’. Packouz himself has a cameo role in the film as a guitarist and singer. He joined Efraim Diveroli’s arms company AEY Inc. in 2005, and in January 2011 he was sentenced to seven months of house arrest for conspiracy to defraud the United States. 

Here’s a collection of the most incredible David Packouz quotes:


20 Incredible David Packouz Quotes

1. “I had to get my shit together and put my best arms-dealer face on.” – David Packouz

2. “For me, I’m really happy that I’ve moved beyond that part of my life.” – David Packouz

3. “I didn’t know anything about the situation in that part of the world.” – David Packouz

4. “I didn’t plan on being an arms dealer forever.” – David Packouz

5. “I was a central player in the Afghan war and if our delivery didn’t make it to Kabul, the entire strategy of building up the Afghanistan army was going to fail.” – David Packouz

6. “I was going to make millions.” – David Packouz


7th of 20 David Packouz Quotes 

7. “I was going to use the money to start a music career.” – David Packouz


8. “I was listening to a lot of Nirvana and a lot of electric guitars.” – David Packouz

9. “I wish I had never gotten involved in it in the first place, that’s for sure.” – David Packouz

10. “I wondered why I did it. Of course I knew, but I thought that it was a certain, yeah – it was almost like a punishment for kind of turning a blind eye towards certain things.” – David Packouz

11. “It’s pretty surreal I never in a million years thought that I would have a major Hollywood being made about my life.” – David Packouz

12. “It was surreal. Here I was dealing with matters of international security, and I was half-baked.” – David Packouz

13. “It was totally killing my buzz. There were all these shadowy forces, and I didn’t know what their motives were.” – David Packouz

14. “It’s really inspiring to be able to give other musicians especially young musicians the opportunity to develop in their musical lives.” – David Packouz

15. “Most parents sing their kids to sleep. I wouldn’t when I was going to sleep my father would have me sing to him.” – David Packouz

16. “Music has always been a huge passion of mine.” – David Packouz


17th of 20 David Packouz Quotes 

17. “Nobody else our age was dealing weapons on an international level.” – David Packouz


18. “We got into government contracting we were selling defense equipment to the military.” – David Packouz

19. “When I got caught and I realized that I was facing possibly a lifetime in prison, a lot of things go through your head.” – David Packouz

20. “You evaluate your entire life and how you got up to this point and how you could be so stupid and all the mistakes that you’ve made.” – David Packouz



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