20 Inspirational Deborah Meaden Quotes

Deborah Meaden is a British businesswoman. Meaden is known for her numerous investments in various successful companies and gained media attention when she appeared on the second edition of BBC’s ‘Dragon’s Den’.

She led the multi-million-pound family holiday business into greater profits as she successfully completed a management buyout and later sold the company in a deal worth £33 million while still retaining a 23% stake.

Here’s our collection of the most inspirational Deborah Meaden quotes:


20 Inspirational Deborah Meaden Quotes

1. “I often see people who I think could be really successful in business but they just don’t realize they have the skills and they don’t believe in themselves.” – Deborah Meaden

2. “It’s not where you come from; it’s where you’re heading.” – Deborah Meaden

3. “The world is full of people who have come up with spectacular ideas and failed to do anything about them.” – Deborah Meaden

4. “You need to tell people where they stand. If someone’s done a good job, you should tell them they’ve done damn well. But if they haven’t, you should take the same attitude.” – Deborah Meaden

5. “I like smart and challenging characters who are willing to take a risk.” – Deborah Meaden

6. “If you’re looking for investment you’ve got to think about what the investor gets from being involved with your business. A lot of people think about what they’re getting from their point of view but not about what the investor gets out of a deal.” – Deborah Meaden


7th of 20 Deborah Meaden Quotes 

7. “The entrepreneurial mind is founded on that least common of commodities – common sense.” – Deborah Meaden


8. “You don’t have to start with your dream job, and your idea of what the dream job might be will change during a working life that will have its share of ups and downs, setbacks and advances.” – Deborah Meaden

9. “I don’t believe in luck at all.” – Deborah Meaden

10. “If I were to lose all my money, I’d make it again.” – Deborah Meaden

11. “My success over the years has in large part been due to the people around me.” – Deborah Meaden

12. “True entrepreneurs never stop learning from their own successes and failures – and from one another.” – Deborah Meaden

13. “Go on and do it, because nobody else is going to do it for you.” – Deborah Meaden

14. “If I wanted to achieve something meaningful I had to do it for myself.” – Deborah Meaden

15. “Money is not the ultimate point, but it remains the actual measure of success.” – Deborah Meaden

16. “To succeed in business you have to do more than just be there. You have to love every minute.” – Deborah Meaden


17th of 20 Deborah Meaden Quotes 

17. “Don’t except anything from anybody, work hard, put your head down, be good at what you do and good stuffs will happen.” – Deborah Meaden


18. “I think much of my success has come from taking nothing for granted and questioning absolutely everything.” – Deborah Meaden

19. “Misogyny is just a more concise way of saying business is too tough for me.” – Deborah Meaden

20. “There isn’t a single path to success – there are many.” – Deborah Meaden



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