20 Jordyn Woods Quotes About Careers & Success


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Jordyn Woods is an American model and social media star. She is well known for her close relationship with Kylie Jenner.

She has featured in several episodes of the reality TV shows, ‘Life of Kylie’ and ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.

Woods modeling success has been attributed to her strong online presence on social media platforms specifically on Instagram she has over 11 million followers. She has modeled for popular fashion brands including ‘Vogue’, and ‘Mane Addicts’.

Here’s a collection of the most inspirational Jordyn Woods quotes:


20 Jordyn Woods Quotes About Careers & Success

1. “A lot of us really forget to prioritize our life our health.” – Jordyn Woods

2. “Every day I wake up and I can continue to be me and do what I love that is a blessing.” – Jordyn Woods

3. “I definitely worked very hard for a lot of the things that I have.” – Jordyn Woods

4. “I feel like family is really everything no matter what happens you know you have people there for you.” – Jordyn Woods

5. “I feel like the fun part of life is the journey.” – Jordyn Woods

6. “I just want good health positive energy and to just have fun with doing everything that I do.” – Jordyn Woods


7th of 20 Jordyn Woods Quotes 

7. “I would say just always keep your integrity and put god first.” – Jordyn Woods


8. “I’d taught my self how to play the piano on YouTube.” – Jordyn Woods

9. “I’m all about taking risks in life and trying new things.” – Jordyn Woods

10. “I’m out here hustling.” – Jordyn Woods

11. “If you wanna make something happen just go for it.” – Jordyn Woods

12. “it’s important to dream big because nothing is impossible.” – Jordyn Woods

13. “Life experience teaches you so much.” – Jordyn Woods

14. “Life is about trying every day.” – Jordyn Woods

15. “My younger self would have loved to look in magazines and seeing the girls that look like me.” – Jordyn Woods

16. “People always ask me who my role model is or who I look up to when it comes to fashion there wasn’t really any girl that looked like me doing the same thing so it’s important now to try to bring that diversity.” – Jordyn Woods


17th of 20 Jordyn Woods Quotes 

17. “Stay true to you.” – Jordyn Woods


18. “The support from everyone is amazing.” – Jordyn Woods

19. “When you put God first you will always win.” – Jordyn Woods

20. “Working out is a huge part of my mental health.” – Jordyn Woods



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