20 Memes For Target Shoppers

Raise your hand if Target is one of your favorite places in the world. Where else would you find red-shirted elves, great bargains, and things you didn’t know you absolutely needed in your life? Why pay for an expensive therapist when Target exists?

So… these are just Target memes, but I swear, I went into Target to buy something for $10 and came out after swiping my card for $100. So yes, truly relatable, people.

Share these funny memes to friends and family who shop at Target.

All I Want For Christmas

Coming Back From Target

Did You Swipe A Card

Goes To Target To Buy A Pen

Hey Girl

I Dressed Up As A Target Worker

If You Wear A Red Shirt

What Coincidence

I’m Going To Target

I Never Know How Much

Missed It

Off To See My Therapist

Overheard In Target This Morning

This Is Me At Walmart

Target Is Getting So Chill

How I Look In My Mind

Walking Into Target

Where People Pay A Little

Yes Sir

You Know Alex From Target?

Remember these funny Target memes whenever you walk into the store!

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