20 Motivational Bow Wow Quotes

Bow Wow is an American rapper and actor. He is also known as ‘Shad Moss’ and ‘Lil Bow Wow’. His career began in 1993 when he was six-year-old performed at a Snoop Dogg concert.

His first album ‘Beware of Dog’ was released in 2000. Outside of music, Bow has appeared in a number of leading and supporting roles in films such as, ‘Like Mike’, ‘Roll Bounce’ and  ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’.

Here’s a collection of the most motivational Bow Wow quotes: 


20 Motivational Bow Wow Quotes

1. “I don’t prepare for my roles. I don’t watch movies to get inspired. I don’t dig deep. I’ll never be that type of actor, and I doubt that I ever will be.” – Bow Wow

2. “I was born with no money. So when people talk about Bow Wow being rich his whole life, I don’t know where they get that.” – Bow Wow

3. “I’ve noticed over my 22 years of living that, yes, women can be difficult, and I call myself a ladies’ man, thinking I have them figured out. But as men, we will never understand women.” – Bow Wow

4. “When I see my own people going through the tough times, it’s a wake-up call. I hope my influence can impact someone else’s decision to get out here and vote.” – Bow Wow

5. “I can take all the negative energy and turn it into a positive simply by purging my soul through music. That’s how powerful music can be.” – Bow Wow

6. “I loved playing a dramatic role. There’s a side of me a lot of people don’t know, and when I do dramatic roles, it just all comes out.” – Bow Wow

7. “I’m trying to become a young CEO, to brand myself in television and movies.” – Bow Wow


8th of 20 Bow Wow Quotes 

8. “My mother doesn’t really embarrass me. Even when I was young. She understands my career.” – Bow Wow


9. “Guys like Todd Bridges never overcame being a child star. You can’t have any big failures. I’ve always felt regular. I played organized ball at the rec league. At 13, they told me I sold 3 million copies. I didn’t know what that meant.” – Bow Wow

10. “I love my fans very much. They give me the confidence to continue things in life.” – Bow Wow

11. “I’m loving N.Y., and words can’t even describe how happy I am to be here.” – Bow Wow

12. “Music is the reason I’m doing movies; I do credit that. But acting is an escape route for me.” – Bow Wow

13. “Dealing with the fame and going from nothing and becoming something where everyone wants a piece of you, your life changes in a day.” – Bow Wow

14. “I got a nice jumper on me, and i’m not just bragging.” – Bow Wow

15. “I’m coming for Ryan Seacrest – I want to be the black Ryan Seacrest for BET. I want to host, I want to produce, I want to do everything for the network.” – Bow Wow

16. “Money don’t change you, it changes the people around you.” – Bow Wow

17. “All these Lil’ rappers, I’m just kind of getting real irritated by it. I said, ‘You know what? Drop the Lil’. Forget it. I’m Bow Wow.” – Bow Wow


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18. “I feel like I just want to enjoy life and spend time with my daughter who is about to turn two, which is full-time job and the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life.” – Bow Wow


19. “I worked with Snoop, but I would love to work with him again, but DMX I would love to work with him as well I met him in Atlanta; I went to one of his concerts; I would love to do a song with him. I respect him and really like his music.” – Bow Wow

20. “LL Cool J was a rapper-turned-actor, and I also relate to him because he was sort of a ladies’ man and had a female fan base, but yet he’s a positive dude. You never read about him getting into trouble or going to jail.” – Bow Wow



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