20 OK Boomer Memes For A Snappy Comeback

Ok boomer sounds funny especially when you’re using it against old folks with old-fashioned and rigid views that are decidedly not helpful in the modern world. Maybe it’s your boss shooting down an awesome project idea. Or maybe there’s an aged adult who refuses to adapt to trends that work. Instead of getting frustrated, you can just retaliate secretly in your social media and post an OK boomer meme.

We’ve put together a curated collection so just pull up whichever you find useful.

Stop Saying OK Boomer

ok boomer 10 4 dinosaur memes

When Your Born On December 31st 1999

ok boomer 1999 memes

Anakin Skywalker

ok boomer anakin skywalker memes

I Hope This OK Boomer Trend Dies Soon

ok boomer dont cry memes

You Think This Is Funny

ok boomer funny memes

Boomers Vs Gen-Z

ok boomer gen z memes

Ok Google

ok boomer google memes

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

ok boomer great power memes

Boomers Spend Years Degrading Millenials

ok boomer hate crime memes

When Your Kid Hits You With The OK Boomer

ok boomer kid memes

Millennials Are Lazy And Entitled Brats

ok boomer millenials are lazy memes

Millennials Are So Sensitive About Everything

ok boomer millenials memes

Point Of Order

ok boomer point of order memes

Someone Saying Their Opinion

ok boomer reddit memes

Repent Zoomer

ok boomer repent zoomer memes

If You’re Nothing Without The Suit

ok boomer spiderman memes

It Sucks When Adults Are Condescending To Youok boomer teenagers memes

Video Games Cause Violence

ok boomer video games memes

You Will Never Be Enough

ok boomer you will never be enough memes

You’re A Wizard Harry

ok boomer youre a wizard harry memes

Okay boomer!

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