20 Physics Meme for Physics Nerds

Hey Physics nerds, we got you a special edition today. It’s this post filled with Physics meme. Now don’t get us wrong. We’re just bitter that you’re so great at Physics (and we’re not).

If you can understand the below Physics memes (at least the ones with puns about formulas and equations), then congratulations! Your brain is oh-so-fine.

Now scroll down and enjoy!

I Got A Bad Answer

Corporate Needs You

Did You Say….

First Rule Of Thermodynamics

Get A Failing Grade

How My Friends See Me

I Am Going To Name

I Don’t Always Understand

I Don’t Know How

If Quantum Mechanics Haven’t Shocked You

Jesus Cat Has No Interest

Physics Lecture

Physics Student

So You’re Telling Me…

When You’re Still In High School

We Don’t Do That

When All The Forces On An Object

When You Hear People Discussing

You Work From A Desk?

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