20 Pretty Little Liars Memes You Might Recognize

If you ever watched and followed Pretty Little Liars, you’ll have to admit that it can get pretty addicting and absorbing. The crazy twisty plot keeps you guessing and the characters are easy to relate to from Hanna’s inappropriate comments to Aria’s ditzy moments.

And do you want to know the funniest thing about Pretty Little Liars? It’s supposed to be a thriller and suspense show that will have you gripping your seats but it has some of the craziest moments on television when you think about it.

Check out these Pretty Little Liars memes. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

A Is Everywhere

And That’s How

Fans Be Like

Found Out

I Don’t Always

Jason Speaking

Me Trying To

No Wonder

One Of The Reasons

PLL Twin Reveal

PLL Writers

Someone In Public

Under My

What Are You

When People Ask

When Someone Says

When You See

Why Are You


You’re Watching

Now don’t these Pretty Little Liars memes make you want to watch the show all over again?

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