20 Really Funny Finals Memes That’ll Make You Feel Better


Finals week is considered one of the most stressful weeks for any student. Whether you’re in high school or college, preparing for the exams is never easy. There will always be distractions and the anxiety and pressure of passing the tests.

And to perfectly highlight the experience, we’ve put together the funniest finals memes that are guaranteed to ease away some of the tension. Go ahead and see our collection!

When Professors Asks How

I Too Like To Live Dangerously

Stressed About Finals

Sleep During Finals Week

Brace Yourselves

Studying For Finals

Let’s Manage

What Year Is It

It’s Finals Week

My Brain During Finals Week

Before During And After Finals

My Face

When You Find Out You Passed

When Someone Asks

Finals Week

Hey Girl

Filling Out Teacher Evaluation Like

How I Feel Because Of Finals

Grading Finals

Buckle Up

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