20 Relatable Anxiety Memes

Anxiety is no joke. Nobody understands it and it’s hard to stop an anxiety attack in its tracks. Are my friends talking about me? Do I have enough money to pay the bills? Did I pass my exam? Did I turn off everything before I left? Will I get that promotion? AM I OVERTHINKING TOO MUCH?

If you’ve ever had an anxiety attack, you should be able to relate to these anxiety memes.

But Wait! 

When My Coffee Kicks In

When Your Anxiety Has Other Plans

Paranoia Time

I Did A Thing

I Really Need To Talk

I’ve Got 99 Problems

How I Deal

It’s A Party

Over Analyzes Situation


Time For Bed

What If This Happens?

When I Try To Hide

Social Anxiety

When You Got Anxiety

The Best Spice

When You Scroll Through

They Totally Understand

No Invite No Stress

We hope these anxiety memes made you laugh a little and we hope you always have as many bright sunny days as possible.

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