20 Relatable Relationship Goals Memes To Send Your Friends this Valentines

There are moments in life where the situation is too relatable or just too cringe-y. And that moment warrants putting a “relationship goals” meme before tweeting it out into the world.

We’ve either been that friend in a relationship or is the friend witnessing that so envy-inspiring moment. It’s very relatable and we are just lucky our team collected 20 relationship goals memes to remind you that you are still alive.

Relationship Upgrade

Role Models, what?

Be With Someone

Get You Someone

We’re doing it until he perfects it.

So Cold

Missed that one day

Pet Goals

Magnetic Relationship

You Chicken

Relationship Goals

First things first

When You And Bae

When You’re Married to your BFF

Your crush texts you

Wife Steals

When You order the same thing

You Like Pringles

Different Strokes for Different Folks

When He Tags you


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