20 Salty Memes You Can Use For That Perfect Moment


Salt is everywhere in our lives and not just in our food. From losing a game with some of the rudest opponents you could have fought to working in a workplace with a toxic environment, there’s a ton of things that could make you feel as salty as the Dead Sea. Similarly, winning that tough game and seeing the looks of defeat on your enemies’ faces just make you wanna see their own salt—especially when they’ve been trash-talking you the whole match!

Some of the best salt memes we could gather can be found below. Take a look, and just savor the sheet amount of salt we’ve managed to collect!

Don’t Be So Salty

salty aint nobody got time for that memes

All These Flavors

salty all these memes


salty bruh memes

This Is The Dead Sea

salty dead sea memes

My Salty Detector

salty detector memes

I’m Here To Drag You To The Salt Mines

salty drag you memes

I Am Forever Salty

salty forever memes

Guess Who’s Salty

salty guess memes

I’m Not Always Salty

salty i am not always memes

They Said I Could Be Anything

salty i could be anything memes

I’m Not Even Mad

salty lightly memes

Need More

salty need more memes

When Someone Tells Me To Not Be So Salty

salty not to be memes

Oh Sure

salty oh sure memes

Someone Feeling Salty

salty someone memes

Bitch I’m Sour

salty sour memes

The Saltiness Is Strong In This One

salty srong memes

But Did You Pay The Iron Price

salty throne memes

What If I Told You

salty what if i told you memes


salty why memes

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