20 Spring Cleaning Memes That Would Sweep Your World

When the cold weather finally goes away and the temperature goes up to very comfortable levels, it feels like the perfect time to bring out your pretty spring clothes and skip in the sun, right? Well, not really. Every homeowner knows the responsible thing is to get a-cleaning. It’s time to open those windows, and dust, air, wash, and vacuum to kingdom come.

And while the end result is super satisfying, we can’t help but drag our feet a bit. Okay, maybe a lot. Let’s have a funny pity party with these relatable spring cleaning memes.

Anticipating? Not!

Brace Yourselves

Hello KonMari

Cleaning Receipts

Tossed A Few Empty Bottles

Not Again

Starting Early

Oh Crap

Oh Please

See That?

She Asked Me To Sweep The House

Spring Cleaning Day!

Who Does It?

Stop Trying

Surprise Spring Cleaning

Too Much

What Do We Say?

When Spring Cleaning Kicks In

Cosplay Time

Your Spring Cleaning

Let your loved ones know it’s that time of year again with these funny spring cleaning memes!


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