20 Surprisingly Inspirational Ugly God Quotes

Ugly God is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and internet personality. He is best known for his 2016 song ‘Water’ which peaked at number 80 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2017.

He was named as one of the ten members of XXL’s ‘2017 Freshman Class’ where he performed his Freshman Freestyle alongside rappers Playboi Carti, MadeinTYO, and XXXTentacion.

Here’s a collection of the most inspirational Ugly God quotes: 


20 Surprisingly Inspirational Ugly God Quotes

1. “I feel like no one is honest anymore.” – Ugly God


2. “The next muthaf**ka, just that muthaf**ka who people will remember. I’m the next Prince, Michael Jackson, and 2Pac.” – Ugly God


3. “There has been too many people that have come and gone and I refuse to be one of them.” – Ugly God


4. “My music is how I feel; it’s really how I feel about stuff. ‘I Beat My Meat’ is outlandish for people to rap about but that’s how I feel. I guess they feel like it’s wrong to put it on music.” – Ugly God


5. “It’s the beginning stages, nothing’s really changed yet. I’m still at home every day making beats. I like the family they’re nice.” – Ugly God


6. “I’m not worried about how can I make a radio hit. I’m not worried about that.” – Ugly God


7. “I was doing normal things like making beats on the table and everyone [would] freestyles. But I don’t think it has anything to do with what I do now.” – Ugly God


8th of 20 Ugly God Quotes

8. “I was bored and I was in college. You’ll have so much free time in college and people misuse it.” – Ugly God



9. “I talked to one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met in my life and he helped me come to my senses.” – Ugly God


10. “I make rap music, but I don’t really listen to rap. Yachty’s the homie, I support him. I listen to him a lot. I listen to more underground underground stuff like instrumentals. It’s called lo-fi.” – Ugly God


11. “I know I’m not the best looking man around and I look at Drake, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Justin Bieber and those are the cutest guys and I know I look nothing like them.” – Ugly God


12. “I just feel like I’m on the edge of permanently being taken as a joke and that would be the downfall of my career” – Ugly God


13. “I have this tape, that I’ve been working on for about 7 years. It’s called The Booty Tape.” – Ugly God


14. “I Have Been Scared to Show My Versatility” – Ugly God


15. “I had a best friend named Brett when I was 4 or 5 and he really got me into the nature stuff. I love animals and one thing I would always do it put lizards on my nose and ears and I been doing it always, but I just decided to record it.” – Ugly God


16. “I grew up listening to Ying Yang Twins, Project Pat, R. Kelly, shit like that.” – Ugly God


17. “I feel like when a new artists comes out the first thing they think is, ‘Who does this sound like,’ and they say all kinds of shit.” – Ugly God


18th of 20 Ugly God Quotes

18. “I don’t care about getting rich off of music. If that happens that would be awesome. But I’m going to be legendary.” – Ugly God



19. “All my chains fake. I got that expensive fake sh*t on me. My chains fake, my watch from Walmart $24. My grillz, they fake. I get a haircut every week and my hair cut costs more than what I pay for both of my grillz. I think fake is the new real.” – Ugly God


20. “A rap career was like forced on me. When I started getting more views than a lot of people I started listening to, I was like “What the fuck?” – Ugly God



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