20 Surprisingly Motivational Riff Raff Quotes

Riff Raff is an American rap artist known for his album ‘Neon Icon’. Raff has appeared on several Tv series, such as ‘Major Lazer’ and ‘One Life to Live’.

At the beginning of his career, he began releasing tracks and videos. Raff likes to combining performance art and slapstick comedy via MySpace and YouTube, using the name, ”MTV Riff Raff”.

Here’s a collection of the most motivational Riff Raff quotes:


20 Surprisingly Motivational Riff Raff Quotes

1. “I don’t view myself from the past present or future tense I like to think of the world from my own personal point of view at whatever time I feel that is relayed to me in conjunction with my well being to progressively grow successfully financially as well as mentally.” – Riff Raff

2. “It goes to extremes – from people saying I’m the best of all-time to people saying, “I hate that white boy.” Who cares? At the end of the day, if people don’t like you, they’re not your friends anyway.” – Riff Raff

3. “Sometimes I say some things people may think are just outlandish, but I’m going to have the last laugh.” – Riff Raff

4. “Why would I talk about the past when I got a bright future? What kind of money is the past gonna make me? Everyone wants to know information. Now, if you wanna know information, if you want history, you’re gonna read a history book. The past ain’t gonna make you no cash.” – Riff Raff

5. “Everyone wants to label me, but I don’t want to be labeled as a rapper or a movie actor.” – Riff Raff

6. “I’m the most underrated, most hated, greatest of all time. I constantly have people who quit their jobs just to go on the internet and try to stop me at any and all costs. People flag my videos thousands of times.” – Riff Raff


7th of 20 Riff Raff Quotes 

7. “Rap game Julio Franco, Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger/ Ice on my fingers look like I slap-boxed a penguin.” – Riff Raff


8. “When the world was born, everybody was naked.” – Riff Raff

9. “Every word I say, you can document it and put it in the history books.” – Riff Raff

10. “I’m always in Malibu, and I’m a big fan of surfing and stuff.” – Riff Raff

11. “People got so many questions. Why you got so many questions when my whole life is on the Internet? If you wanna know about me, you can go on the Internet and look at my YouTube videos. I used to drop one every day. You can go on my YouTube channel, go on my Vine, my Twitter.” – Riff Raff

12. “Until the album is perfect and every track sounds like a single and has a world-renowned icon on it, it’s not done.” – Riff Raff

13. “Cause everything I’ve done – there’s no smokescreen. Everything the people have seen me do, they’ve literally seen me start from the bottom and rise to the top. So there is no falling down once you’ve done the stuff I’ve done.” – Riff Raff

14. “I love the beach. Someday I will live on the beach.” – Riff Raff

15. “My tattoos remind me of all that I have been through.” – Riff Raff

16. “Trunk steady knocking/ Floating through the sky, Mary Poppins.” – Riff Raff


17th of 20 Riff Raff Quotes 

17. “A lot of people aren’t familiar with me, but it’s not my job to make people familiar with me. There’s millions of artists out there. I’m just gonna do what I wanna do, and if people feel the stuff that I’m doing, then great.” – Riff Raff


18. “I haven’t had a big-ass feature, somebody put me on a label, cash money didn’t come scoop me up. I’ve literally put myself into millionaire position. All the stuff I’ve done and I’m doing has nothing to do with nobody. I don’t owe anybody anything. No wife, no kids – I don’t owe nobody nothin’.” – Riff Raff

19. “James Franco has diligently studied my style for months on end and he should win a Grammy.” – Riff Raff

20. “There are a lot of people who are successful and have a lot of money, but you can almost see their limitations because they have these walls around them. Harmony Korine exceeds those walls, and those are the types of people who go on to exceed people’s expectations.” – Riff Raff



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