20 Surprisingly Motivational Vitaly Quotes

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Vitaly is a Russian-American YouTube personality and content creator. He gained fame for his prank videos and stunts, which are uploaded to his YouTube account ‘VitalyzdTV’. 

As of 2020, he has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and has reached over 1.7 billion views.  Besides being a YouTuber he also has appeared in movies including ‘Natural Born Pranksters’ and ‘Slasher Party’.

Here’s a collection of the most motivational Vitaly quotes:


20 Surprisingly Motivational Vitaly Quotes

1. “Don’t be afraid.” – Vitaly

2. “I feel completely fine because I’ve been through a lot such as people pressing charges on me.” – Vitaly

3. “Things like this happens such as the pranks gone wrong and there were some awkward moments but I just normally face it as it is.” – Vitaly

4. “You will never know when will be your last day.” – Vitaly

5. “Do not let that fear stop you from doing anything you want to do.” – Vitaly

6. “I did this because adrenaline man.” – Vitaly


7th of 20 Vitaly Quotes 

7. “There are also the feminists that accuse me of being a pervert or a rapist. Overall, it feels fine.” – Vitaly


8. “You only live once, I am trying to do everything possible.” – Vitaly

9. “Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid of life and taking chances.” – Vitaly

10. “I am pursuing my career through YouTube, so when I go to auditions I have a resume to show because a lot of it is acting.” – Vitaly

11. “It is a prank movie and it is called The Natural Born Prankster. It is a great experience and there are a lot of TVs shows that we are working on as well.” – Vitaly

12. “You only live once and you have to explore things.” – Vitaly

13. “By starting everything off from YouTube has definitely helped out with a lot of opportunities. ” – Vitaly

14. “I always wanted to be an actor.” – Vitaly

15. “I have a lot of guys coming up to me thanking me for that video because it helped them to kiss a girl!” – Vitaly

16. “You can’t live with that fear forever.” – Vitaly


17th of 20 Vitaly Quotes 

17. “After I saw some prankster’s video, I thought to myself I want to try that and from there I just started doing it.” – Vitaly


18. “Go out and experience life as it is.” – Vitaly

19. “I got high on life.” – Vitaly

20. “This is what I do and these are the consequences I am ready to face.” – Vitaly



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