20 Swag Skinny Jeans Meme

So where are you in the skinny jeans debate? Do you love them or do you hate them? People love them because they’re comfortable in these form-fitting jeans and feel like they look good in them. At the same time, others hate how they look (on themselves or others) while a small percentage of the population feel men shouldn’t wear skinny jeans. What do you think, people?

Check out these skinny jeans memes and see how people are making fun of this clothing fashion.

Skinny Genes (Brilliant!)

Getting Into Her Pants

That’s Swag

How Dudes Look

How  It Feels

How It Looks

I Got Legs

They Say

It’s Not An Eating Disorder

Like A Cheap Hotel

Take Them Off

They Called My Pants

Those Skinny Jeans

Trying To Fit Got Me Like

Wears Skinny Jeans

When Men Over 30

When You Fart

Your Beard And Your Jeans

Where Else?

Your Skinny Jeans

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